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The Healing Powers of Amethyst

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Amethyst is a powerful gemstone known for its rich purple hues and cleansing effects. However, like its wide range of color variation, it displays a wide array of healing powers and uses. Amethyst seeks connection above all else, especially with those who are lucky enough to be born in February.
Read on to learn the main defining factors of this uniquely purple gem.
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Where Does Amethyst Come From?
The gemstone's name comes from the Greek 'amethystos' which translates to "not intoxicating." Amethyst is a type of mineral quartz stone closely related to rose quartz, citrine, green aventurine, and many others, making it a powerful gemstone to use together with these other types of quartz. In fact, citrine is actually heat treated amethyst (either by the Earth's heat or heated in a lab) which is where a crystal is baked at extremely high temperatures which changes the color, in this case turning purple amethyst to a golden citrine.
Amethyst has a variation of natural colors ranging from light lavender and violet, to deep dark purple, and is even found with streaks of white occasionally.
Amethyst's Healing Powers
Given that the word means "not intoxicating," this stone is mainly used for cleansing, balancing, and bringing about a sense of peace by harmonizing the spiritual, physical, and emotional bodies. Many ancient cultures believe amethyst is good for preventing drunkness and maintaining stability. It is a high frequency stone that connects best to your third eye and crown chakra, helping bring about wisdom and intuition. By balancing your thoughts and emotions, it effectively helps you make healthier decisions.
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How to Use Amethyst
Amethyst works best the more it is connected closely to your body, especially your head, so wearing it on a pair of earrings is an easy way to elicit its healing benefits for your mind and body. Wearing amethyst rings is another great way to have them in touch with your body while being able to keep them in your eyesight so that you have a constant reminder to be calm and balanced.
Another use is to bring about a sense of calm harmony in the work place or home environment by placing an amethyst crystal on a shelf or near your bedside to inspire restful dreaming.
Amethyst is good for absorbing negative energy to bring about health and clarity so be sure to occasionally give it a cleanse by simply running it under clean water or letting it recharge with clear quartz.
Gifting Amethyst
Amethyst is connected to certain dates that make it a great gift:
  • Birth Months: As the February birthstone, Amethyst charms and pendants are the perfect gift for anyone born any day in February
  • Anniversaries: It is regarded as the stone of 6th wedding anniversaries
  • Zodiac Signs: It's the perfect gemstone for the February zodiacs; Aquarius (born January 21 - February 18) and Pisces (born February 19 - March 20)

Besides specific calendar dates, Amethyst jewelry is a wonderful gift for you or anyone in your life that is seeking stability, balance, peace, or answers from a higher power. Check out The Kindness Gems Amethyst Collection for easy gifts for those needing a little more purple wisdom in their lives.

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