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The History of Gemstones Jewelry

Gemstone jewelry has been around for thousands of years, adorning its wearers throughout the ages. Its origins can be traced back to ancient civilizations and the middle ages that placed high importance on these stunning pieces of wearable art, using them to signify status and wealth. From jade beads and colored stones to mineral crystals and engrave gems, we will discuss all. Join us as we explore the history of gemstones, uncovering their story from the middle ages until today's cutting-edge designs. What Are Precious Gemstones? Gemstones are naturally occurring minerals used for their beauty, rarity, and durability for thousands of years. Throughout history, these stones have been prized and worn by royalty, nobility, and people of great wealth and...

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Gemstones Bracelet: Should You Wear Bracelet on Left or Right Wrist?

  Gemstone bracelets or crystal bracelets have been a part of fashion and culture for centuries. Whether it's turquoise beads, jade cuffs, or delicate diamond beaded chains, these pieces are an easy way to add interest to your look while making a style statement. But with so many types of gemstones and different crystal bracelet styles available, the question often arises -- which hand should you wear the bracelet on? Right or left wrist? If you've ever wondered if there is any significance in this seemingly small decision, read on to learn more about the possible meaning behind wearing gemstone bracelets on either the left or right wrist! What are Gemstones Bracelets? Gemstone and crystal bracelets are becoming increasingly popular...

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How to Know What Crystal You Need?

Are you wondering if healing crystals are something that can help improve your life? From improving energy levels to supporting emotional well-being, healing crystals have been used for centuries to bring balance and harmony into our lives. While there is no one-size-fits-all approach to utilizing the power of crystals, there are some things you can consider when selecting the perfect crystal for yourself. This blog post will explore whether a healing crystal is right for you. From Rose Quartz to amethyst, we have covered all. What is Healing Crystal? Crystals are minerals or healing stones believed to possess healing powers for various physical, mental, and emotional ailments. These natural gemstones are usually used as a part of alternative therapies, such...

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5 Health Benefits of Wearing Blue Sapphire Gemstone

Sapphire has been a prized gemstone renowned for its captivating colors and extraordinary beauty for centuries. Blue Sapphire can bring its wearer good luck, fortune, spiritual enlightenment, and health benefits. In this blog post, you will learn about the many health benefits of wearing blue Sapphire (Neelam stone). From improving circulation to relieving stress, blue sapphire gemstones can help promote healing within your body while protecting negative energy. With so many incredible positive effects of wearing blue sapphire stones, it's worth trying them! What is Blue Sapphire Stone? A Blue Sapphire stone is a beautiful and rare variety of precious gemstone that is second only to diamonds in terms of hardness. The color of a blue sapphire (Neelam stone) can...

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