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labradorite simple necklace in a bottle
labradorite simple necklace on woman
labradorite simple necklace gold chain

Intention Necklace Bottle - Transforming Labradorite

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The perfect gift for people who want to set an intention to change, or for those currently going through a transition period looking to find inner strength. This intention necklace features our labradorite pendant in the Kindness Gems simple necklace style.

Labradorite is a gemstone of transformation known for its color changing properties and powers of resilience in times of change.

Use this necklace and gem to feel powerful when stepping into a new phase of life.

Made with 14k gold filled or sterling silver wire and chains, Kindness Gems necklaces are handcrafted with the highest quality materials so you can live your life while looking your finest.

Kindness Gems donates 10% of every purchase to organizations that help survivors of sexual violence. Learn more here. 

*Due to the natural color changing effect of high quality labradorite stones, each pendant is unique and will have different reflective colors in its grey base. These colors range from yellow, green, blue, purple and even orange but the most common colors are green/blue. We only use the highest grade labradorite available to get these colorful and flashy iridescent effects called labradorescence.