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Herkimer Diamond Simple Gemstone Ring

Herkimer Diamond Simple Gemstone Ring

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Herkimer Diamonds are a unique and rare form of quartz that are only found near the Mohawk River in Herkimer county, New York. These gemstones started forming 500 million years ago and are the only quartz in the world to naturally form double terminated shapes, meaning that all other quartz only has one natural pointed end whereas Herkimer Diamonds have 2 pointed ends naturally. In other words, they are not cut to have this special shape, they come out of the ground that way shaped by Mother Nature herself. 

The herkimer diamond crystal meaning stands for uplifting cleansing energy. It's the right gemstone for enlightenment, clarity, and amplification of other energies which makes this gem a perfect pairing with the rest of our gems & jewelry or any other gem stone in general!

If you're looking for those rings that won't tarnish then you can end your gemstone search here! Kindness Gems jewelry is made with 14k gold filled and sterling silver materials which are super high quality metals that are water proof and highly tarnish resistant! Sterling silver just requires the natural oils from your skin to protect it from oxidizing with the air so be sure to wear your jewelry often.

Gold doesn't tarnish and being gold filled or solid gold makes it a thick enough layer of gold that it won't let the other base metals react to the air unlike gold plating which is really thin. Since they are high quality, our rings won't react to water so to keep your new gems and jewelry clean you just need to clean with soap and water to keep the dirt away which is why we love these rings because they get a cleaning everytime you wash your hands keeping them shiny and new.