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Permanent Jewelry

Permanent jewelry melds timeless artistry with enduring commitment, transforming the body into an eternal canvas of treasured tales. Book Your Appointment

What is Permanent Jewelry?

Permanent jewelry, as the name suggests, is a form of adornment designed to stay on the wearer for an extended period, often for a lifetime. Unlike traditional jewelry pieces that can be easily taken off or swapped out, permanent or forever jewelry is securely fastened on the body. It is a testament to the idea of permanence, symbolizing unending commitment, long-lasting memories, or an eternal bond to a special moment or person. With its lasting nature, it represents a promise, a memory, or a significant event that the wearer chooses to carry with them forever.

How Does It Work?

The process of attaching permanent jewelry typically involves specialized tools and techniques. Skilled artisans ensure that the jewelry piece, whether it's a forever bracelet, anklet, or necklace, is securely attached in a way that is both comfortable and safe for the wearer. We use a micro-welding machine to bond the attachment points which are designed to be both resilient and resistant to everyday wear and tear. Care and maintenance are similar to traditional jewelry and are minimal due to our use of high quality materials.

Types of Permanent Jewelry

There's a diverse range of permanent jewelry available to suit individual preferences and styles. Prices vary based on the level of customization with your choice of chain, material, and addition of gems which is an option that’s unique to Kindness Gems! 

Prices start at:

Sterling Silver $60+
14k Gold Filled $65+
14K Solid Gold $155+
14K Solid White Gold $165+

Permanent Bracelets

These aren't just any bracelets; they're a constant reminder wrapped around the wrist. Permanent bracelets often symbolize the lifelong bonds of friendship or the unwavering strength of love. Over time, they become a part of you, reflecting the endless journey of relationships and the ever-evolving narrative of life.

Permanent Anklets

An understated yet profound symbol of connection. Located at the crossroads between the earth and the body, permanent anklets delicately grace the ankle, emphasizing beauty and elegance. Beyond their aesthetic appeal, they're a declaration of a special bond, perhaps secret or personal, known only to the wearer and their chosen few.

Permanent Rings

The circle – an emblem of infinity and continuity. Permanent rings take this symbolism a step further. They're not like the rings one wears and removes based on occasion or mood. They are a constant, much like the unwavering commitment they represent. Be it a vow between souls, a pledge to oneself, or a marker of a milestone achieved, these rings don't just adorn the finger; they fuse with the soul – a standing testament to promises that time can't erode.

Permanent Necklaces

Permanent necklaces are echoes of moments and memories, forever residing on the chest as symbols of times cherished. They could encapsulate the joy of a particular occasion, the nostalgia of a shared memory, or the profound connection with a loved one. Every time a hand reaches out to feel it, it's a journey back in time, a gentle reminder of feelings and moments that have shaped one's life.

We are Now Booking Permanent Jewelry Appointments!

Dive into the world of eternal adornments with us! Kindness Gems is thrilled to announce that we are now taking appointments for permanent jewelry fittings. Our skilled artisans are at your service to help you choose, customize, and securely affix your chosen piece. Whether it's to mark a special occasion, honor a bond, or just to wear a beautiful emblem of permanence, book your slot with us and let your story shine forever. Secure your spot today and embrace the beauty of lasting memories!

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