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Simple Gemstone Necklaces

Shop Simple Gemstone Necklaces at Kindness Gems

At Kindness Gems, you can find a special gift to give someone you love while supporting a charitable cause. When you purchase any of our carefully crafted Simple Gemstone Necklaces, 10% of the proceeds go toward helping survivors of sexual violence.

We hope that when anyone gives or receives a stunning simple gem necklace used for healing, they'll find strength and kindness within themselves, and together, we can help someone in need.

The Simple Gemstone Necklace collection is elegant and dainty and pairs with any ensemble. You can choose between various stones and cuts, and rest assured that every necklace is durable and tarnish-resistant.

These lovely simple gem necklaces are minimalist while also making a statement. These stones are dazzling, refined, and perfect for you and your loved ones at any time of year.

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