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gold choker necklace with dainty amethyst gemstone
amethyst gem choker necklace purple stone jewelry
sterling silver amethyst choker necklace

Amethyst Choker Necklace

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KG chokers are perfect for the minimalist hip chic look or the perfect piece to layer with our signature simple and lariat style necklaces.

Amethyst, the February birthstone, is a gem of compassion and balance. Amethyst's powers encourage deep thoughts and mediation, helping stabilize emotions for mental health.

Handmade & Women Owned - All Kindness Gems rings are made to order, one of a kind, built by passionate hard working women in the USA.

Meaningful Intentions - We use natural healing gemstones to elevate the uplifting energy of our jewelry with each gem bringing out your own intentions and inspirations. Amethyst is a stone of compassion and balance. 

High Quality Materials - Wrapped in 14k gold filled or sterling silver wire meaning this choker necklace is extremely water and tarnish resistant.

Genuine Gems - Ethically sourced, sustainable, all natural amethyst crystals. Real earthly energy from around the world, each jewel is unique and hand shaped for authenticity and consistency.

Spiritually Sound - We donate 10% of each purchase to organizations that help survivors of sexual violence, and another portion helps reduce our carbon footprint.

Versatile - Elegant yet subtle, Kindness Gems jewelry works with any outfit. Designed for daily wear so you can be reminded to be kind and help others every day.