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Moonstone Rings

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Looking for a unique and meaningful piece of jewelry to add to your collection? Look no further than our selection of moonstone rings at Kindness Gems. Moonstone is a beautiful gemstone with a rich history of meaning and healing properties.

This stone has been associated with the moon and its cycles for thousands of years. In ancient times, it was believed to bring good luck and protect travelers at night. Today, moonstone is still highly regarded for its calming energy and ability to bring balance to the emotions.

Our moonstone rings are crafted with high-quality materials, including 14k gold filled, sterling silver, and solid 14k gold. This means that your moonstone ring will be both durable and beautiful, able to withstand everyday wear and tear without losing its shine.

Each moonstone in our collection is all-natural and hand-polished to perfection by our skilled artisans. We offer a range of styles and designs, from simple and understated to elaborate and eye-catching. No matter your personal taste, you're sure to find a moonstone ring that speaks to you.

Plus, as with all of our gemstone jewelry, 10% of every purchase goes to support charities and non-profit organizations that provide support and counseling for survivors of sexual violence. So not only will you be adding a beautiful and meaningful piece of jewelry to your collection, you'll also be making a difference in the lives of others. Shop our selection of moonstone rings online today and experience the power of kindness.