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March Birthstone Necklace Bottle

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Relaxation & Stability

The perfect gift for those born in March, this birthstone necklace bottle features our aquamarine pendant in the Kindness Gems simple necklace style.

Made with 14k gold filled or sterling silver wire and chains, Kindness Gems necklaces are handcrafted with the highest quality materials so you can live your life while looking your finest.

Kindness Gems donates 10% of every purchase to organizations that help survivors of sexual violence. Learn more here.

Kindness Gems offers a March birthstone necklace crafted with precision and finesse by our expert designers. Each necklace is handmade with top-quality aquamarine gemstones sourced from around the world.

March birthstone necklace is a reflection of the enchanting and serene beauty of aquamarine. Aquamarine derives its name from the Latin "aqua marina," meaning "water of the sea." The gemstone is revered for its ethereal blue hue and is associated with feelings of calmness, tranquility, and purity. The necklace is a perfect gift for anyone born in March, as it is believed to bring good luck, health, and happiness to the wearer.

Apart from its aesthetic appeal, aquamarine is also known for its physical and emotional healing properties. The gemstone is believed to relieve anxiety, promote better communication, and enhance spiritual awareness.