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The Best Gems To Wear With Citrine Jewelry for Maximum Manifestation

The Essential Powers of Citrine

If you were born in November, you’re in luck! Citrine, the birthstone of November, is said to be the stone of abundance, manifestation, prosperity, and good luck. It’s a fire element crystal related to the solar plexus chakra which connects to our ego, will, intellectual abilities, and personal power. Citrine is the perfect gemstone to use for setting intentions and helping you turn your dreams into reality! 
Citrine tends to be golden yellow in appearance but can range from clear to orange and even brown. Here are a few of our favorite citrine jewelry pieces and which gemstones to pair them with to maximize the magic of manifestation and be sure to read to the end for an exclusive offer!


The Ring Stack: Citrine Statement and Clear Quartz Dainty Ring  

citrine and clear quartz gold filled ring stack
Clear quartz is said to amplify the effects of all other crystals. By pairing citrine with clear quartz, you’ll intensify the abundant energy! We recommend wearing this combination on the index finger and encourage focusing on goal setting and saying yes to creative endeavors. 

The Earring Set: Citrine Huggies and Aquamarine Drop Earrings 

citrine and aquamarine earring set
Aquamarine is a water element gemstone, known for its gentle and calming energy. Combining citrine and aquamarine allows for the achievement of success in a calm way, as it provides the wearer with the courage to step out of their comfort zone. Additionally, this pairing creates a balance between fire and water signs.

The Layered Necklace Look:  Citrine Lariat and Emerald Statement Necklace  

citrine lariat necklace and emerald gold necklace layered
The pairing of citrine and emerald, a precious gem, happens to be one of our founder Julia’s favorites! Similarly to the lucky stone citrine, emeralds can be called upon to manifest fortune and good health so the combination of these two royal gemstones promotes falling into abundance. 
The best part is that these three unique pairings are each available at a special bundle price! Find these exclusive deals and the rest of our citrine products in the Kindness Gems Citrine Collection.

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