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Jewelry Holiday Gift Guide

Gemstones are the gift that keeps on giving! We’ve rounded up a few of our favorite gems that we recommend gifting this holiday season. Whether you’re shopping for a friend, family member, partner, or yourself, anyone can benefit from the healing power of gemstones. 

Semi-Precious Gemstone Recommendations 

Rose Quartz

Rose Quartz is our first pick for gemstones to gift this year. It’s revered for its ability to heal heartbreak and attract new love while strengthening sensations of joy. While this gemstone can be wonderful for self-healing, it’s also a thoughtful gift for anyone going through a breakup or grieving the loss of a loved one. Rose Quartz is magnificent on it’s own, however, we recommend pairing it with Rubies to really maximize the potential energy. While both gems support all kinds of love, Rubies are also grounding which will keep the wearer from losing themselves in love. If you’re looking for a Rose Quartz necklace, we recommend choosing a chain that lays the gem closest to the heart chakra. This allows the heart to open and for healthy love to flow in and out freely. 

Clear Quartz

Our second semi-precious stone pick is Clear Quartz. If you don’t know which gem to choose as a gift, this stone is a great place to start! Clear Quartz complements every energy and amplifies the qualities of any gems it’s paired with. They’re crystal clear which makes them a solid choice for those people who like a more versatile look. Clear Quartz is the ultimate starter gem, and a must-have for anyone who doesn’t yet own any all-natural gemstone jewelry. If you’re looking for a stone to pair it with, we’d recommend Aquamarine. Aquamarine is a Water Element Stone said to have the effect of floating in the waves. Pairing it with Clear Quartz will amplify the calming energy and provide emotional balance and centering. 


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Precious Gemstone Recommendations 


Emerald is a Heart Chakra Stone that is said to bring inspiration into one’s life. The Heart Chakra is located in the center of your chest and is related to unconditional love and kindness. Emeralds allow you to find the deep love and compassion for everything and everyone around you. It’s also a protective stone that is said to be a talisman for safe travel. You can give the gift of Emerald jewelry to the person in your life who’s a world traveler, or someone who has an exciting trip coming up. The deep and rich green of Emeralds pairs well with many stones, but our favorite combination is of Citrine and Emerald. These two stones promote falling into abundance and are great gifts for loved ones during the holiday season.  


We’re excited to announce a new addition to the website: Pearls! They’ve been a staple for us at markets for awhile now, and we couldn’t resist making them available on the website. Pearls are symbolic of wisdom gained through experience, and have both a glamorous and timeless look. Pearls are a Water Element stone, so by giving them as a gift it signifies you wishing that person a lot of peace and tranquility. They’re also known as the stone of purity so giving them as a gift comes from a place of pure intentions and love. One of our absolute favorite pieces is the Pearl Statement Necklace. It’s the epitome of dainty but durable, and can either be dressed up or dressed down.


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This holiday season we’re offering Gift Cards for purchase on our website. Feel free to check those out here and keep an eye on our social media for exciting offers and sales coming up throughout the month and into the new year! 

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