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Best Gemstones for a Scorpio

Scorpio Season 

According to astrology, the zodiac sign dates for Scorpio Suns are approximately October 23rd through November 21st. Anyone born in this timeframe is considered to have a Scorpio Sun Sign, however, each individual person’s subsequent signs (such as Moon, Ascendent, ect.) will differ based upon the exact time and place they were born. Although the Sun Sign is just one piece of a person’s astrological chart, it can tell a lot about one’s true self as well as provide details about their basic identity. 
People with a Scorpio Sun Sign are said to be fiercely loyal, ambitious, passionate, and a bit mysterious. As a fixed Water sign, they tend to be highly intuitive as well as emotional and honest. The birthstones that correlate with this zodiac sign are Opal for the month of October and Citrine for the month of November. In addition to Citrine and Opal, here are a couple of the best gemstones for Scorpios: 


Gold Moonstone Statement Ring displayed in Sand

Moonstone is associated with new beginnings and feminine energy. Seeing that Scorpios are both ambitious and passionate, they can call upon Moonstone to help kick start a new period in their life filled with self-love and confidence. This gemstone is a powerful tool for manifestation, and it can also intensify Scorpios natural sense of intuition and empower their femininity. Wearing Moonstone jewelry will awaken and unleash the goddess energy that flows inside! 


dainty ring

The color purple has been worn by royalty for centuries as it represents strength, power, and transformation. Amethyst comes in lovely shades of lavender and violet, and is a Crown Chakra Gemstone that’s good for mental clarity and focus. It’s known as the stone of compassion and will naturally help Scorpios connect with their spiritual self and strengthen their bonds with all things mystical and magical. It’s also said to promote calm sleep and peaceful dreams, so Scorpios may find that it aids them in drifting off to sleep when they’re feeling restless. 

Whether you’re a Scorpio yourself, or know of any who may benefit from the healing power of gemstones, feel free to check out our Scorpio Zodiac Necklace here

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