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5 Ways to Help Victims of the Russia-Ukraine War

It may seem difficult to help out the dire situation in Ukraine, but there are actually many organizations that are directly aiding people in need that have been affected by the war. If you have a little money to spare, here are 5 ways you can help out Ukrainians in need.

1. Donate to CARE

CARE is one of the prominent organizations helping supply food, water, and first-aid resources for the people displaced by the conflict in Ukraine. We have changed all our donations to go to CARE and created a smoky quartz kindness kit because smoky quartz is primarily sourced from Ukraine and 20% of every purchase goes to CARE. Here is CARE's donation page to directly fund their relief efforts in Ukraine.

2. Buy things from Ukrainian vendors on Etsy

Aside from needing life-saving resources, the people of Ukraine also need help keeping their businesses alive. Right now there are digital files going around that you can buy from Ukrainian Etsy sellers so that you can keep their small businesses alive until they can get back to selling their regular items.

3. Help fund Ukrainian journalists

It's been really difficult for journalists to continue their ability to report on the conflict as they've had to relocate and report from a distance. Ukraine journalist have set up a gofundme so that they can keep their operations going from remote locations.

4. Voices of Children

A Ukraine-based non-profit that helps children and families in need, especially with evacuation efforts. Here is the voices of children donation page. 

5. Donate to Razom for Ukraine 

Razom is a volunteer-based organization that has been helping Ukraine for years and is now directly supplying medical resources to Ukraine. Here is the razom donation page to help them continue purchasing life-saving resources.

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