Our Story

Our story is as simple as our name: Kindness Gems.

We are a healing gemstone jewelry company whose mission is to spread as much kindness and philanthropy as we possibly can!  After 3 years of crisis counseling for survivors of sexual violence in college, Julia began handcrafting jewelry to raise money for the organization at which she volunteered. Seeing the impact her efforts made, she took the idea on the road after graduation. She traveled the California coast with little but her healing gemstone jewelry and lots of love to spread! Californians fell in love with her mission and before she knew it, boutiques were carrying Kindness Gems necklaces, which each came with a 10% discount if you committed to an act of kindness within the 24 hours after a purchase – and the idea stuck! 

The roads lead to San Diego, where Julia settled down with the intent to grow locally. Selling at the famous Ocean Beach Farmer’s Market, Julia met Bri, a local who was excited to discuss all the passions they shared and of course, buy a necklace! From that day on, the idea of Kindness Gems continued to expand! While you commit to an act of kindness upon ordering a piece of jewelry, we commit to donating 20% of our proceeds to charity. We care deeply about each cause we donate to so in 2019 we are partnering with organizations that work for human trafficking, sexual assault, and substance abuse awareness in addition to ocean conservation.

With each purchase of a Kindness Gems, you are giving and spreading love in 3 ways! First, you give to yourself, through the healing power of the gemstones. Second, with the 24-hour act of kindness you commit to (plus 10% off boo-yah!), you give in any way you desire! Third, you give to the greater good by helping raise funds for various charities throughout the year! We hope these simple jewelry pieces continue to stand as a symbol and reminder to be kind and spread love! 

<3 Julia and Bri

 Please visit our Charity Work section to learn more on the charities we work with!