About Us

Kindness Gems is more than a jewelry brand, it's a mission with 3 priorities: 

1. Raising Money For Charity

Founder Julia Blu worked as a crisis counselor for survivors of sexual violence for 3 years during college where she witnessed the severe lack of funding and attention given to organizations that help survivors.

Seeking a way to raise money for these life-saving resource centers, she decided to create simple gemstone necklaces where 10% of every purchase would be donated back to the organizations she had volunteered at.

Raising money to directly improve resources for survivors of sexual violence remains the focus to this day, but Kindness Gems has expanded to helping other non-profits as well. To learn more about the charities we work with, click here.

2. Inspiring Acts Of Kindness

Inspired to create a company where she could spread kindness with healing gemstone jewelry, Julia launched Kindness Gems. 

The idea is that with each purchase you commit to an act of kindness, we commit to donating 10% to charity, and you get a beautiful piece of jewelry that serves as a reminder to be kind and help others every day. 

3. Making Dainty But Durable Jewelry To Wear For Any Occasion

Julia spent years testing different materials and methods of jewelry-making to find the perfect combination of premium dainty but durable qualities to create minimalist, lightweight jewelry that's built to last.

Each naturally sourced gemstone is hand-wrapped with the highest quality materials to make a versatile piece that can be worn with any outfit.

Combining the care of a handmade product, with nature's healing gemstones Kindness Gems is jewelry that makes you feel good while doing good.


Ultimately, Kindness Gems aims to create a diverse community of people united by their commitment to spread acts of kindness.

By wearing Kindness Gems jewelry you are joining a movement larger than yourself and together we are able to make a difference, even save people's lives.

Be sure to follow all our social medias to join the global KG Krew and help the act of kindness movement benefit as many lives as possible!