Where to Shop Kindness Gems This Holiday Season

Hello hello KG Crew! The 2020 holiday season is one of the most important yet to shop small business! We wanted to fill you guys in on all the new places where you can find Kindness Gems to shop for your loved ones this holiday!

First and foremost, let me tell my fellow Southern Californians where to shop!! Pigment – all three of their San Diego shops are stocked up with Kindness Gems. They have a great selection of birthstone bottles & much more that you will want to check out in person! Another great shop in the SoCal region is Earth’s Elements. They have locations in Little Italy, Encinitas, Oceanside, Big Bear, Idyllwild & more! There are plenty of places for our KG SoCal family to get your holiday shopping complete!

Okay it’s time to dive into some NEW locations where you can find KG around the nation! Here is a list of boutiques that now carry Kindness Gems:

  1. Conquered Yoga – Willoughby, Ohio
  2. Birch – Worthington, Ohio
  3. Revelry – Overland Park, Kansas
  4. Inner Diva Studios – Austin, Texas
  5. Lotus and Vine Boutique – Odessa, Texas
  6. Blush Clothing Boutique – Tucson, Arizona

So for all our Texas, Ohio, and AZ + KS babes, you now have a place you can shop KG in person. It is super important to show up for these boutiques and small shops at this time. We could not be happier to have our line carried at each and every one of these places! So get out there loves, it’s time to Christmas shop!

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