Virgo Season: Be Your Own Goddess!

Hello my beautiful KG babes! Guess what season it is, Virgo season!! I am a Virgo baby myself and on my birthday week I wanted to talk all about what Virgo season symbolizes and what it should mean to you!

Virgo season is the time to reflect on all you’ve learned the past few seasons, harness the power and energy you’ve built up, & start putting your dreams and plans into action. It the time to get organized, settle down a bit and get serious about what you want to create. Virgo acts as the zodiac’s hardest worker and is a total perfectionist. The energy it brings is one that is very critical, detail-orientated, and mentally sharp! This is the time we put a stop to the “I’ll do it tomorrow” excuses and start doing that sh*t today!! Time to get things done babeeeyy!!

Virgo rules the three H’s: habits, health, and hygiene. Connect with what your body is telling you. Virgo is sooo intuitive so it is super important that you listen to what your body needs and what you mind wants in this time so you can be the best version of yourself! Get extra motivated this season to start working out, get good sleep, and maybe even work harder towards your professional goals! Getting your health and habits into order how you’d like them to be during this season will help them become regular routine for the seasons to come.

Here’s a little more on what Virgo season means for you specifically: 

Aries: Invest in a planner. You are going to find yourself super busy this season. I’m proud of you for working harder & working out even harderrrrr! 

Taurus: Your romantic side is out to play. Expect to be going on dates or see a level up in your sex life!

Gemini: Gemini’s are about to get focused. Would not be surprised if I find you cleaning your house more or spending more nights in. Don’t be ashamed to be introverted this month – ground yourself & charge up.

Cancer: Get out of your shell a little bit this month! You’re going to find it easier to communicate and make new connections!

Leo: Organize, organize, organize! You’ll be surprised how much organization can lead to HUGE changes in your life that you wouldn’t even expect.

Virgo: Happy Birthday (to me)! The rest of the world is operating a little more like us this month. What are your goals with work, at home, with your friends, love life? Everything and everyone is vibing with you in this season so work it to your advantage.

Libra: Take this month to relax & recharge! This is going to be a very emotional and intuitive month so take time to journal, meditate, and learn. 

Scorpio: You are feeling like a little social butterfly this month! Have fun getting out there and meeting new people, Virgo gives you a little extra confidence this season!

Sagittarius: Work your booty off! Virgo is in your energy chart zone of career and reputation. The work you put in this month is really going to pay off there!

Capricorn: Time to broaden your horizons! Virgo season is a time to expand your knowledge. Whether that is through school or travel, focus on educating yourself positively in this time!

Aquarius: Virgo season taps into intimacy for you. Whether that is with yourself or other relationships, focus on what these mean to you and spend time strengthening them this season!

Pisces:  Relationship season! Go on more dates, hangout with friends more, just get out there and enjoy yourself!

Virgo is the energy of the goddess, the one where you perfect into yourself. Leo season helped you take a step into your true self, and Virgo now allows you to fully become that goddess and share it with the world! She teaches us that we are good enough, smart enough, and powerful enough to accomplish anything we set our mind to. As an Earth sign, Virgo protects and grounds us. Its time to recollect all the pieces of ourselves that were thrown around in the summer and get them into order. Bring detail to your intentions and determine where you want to place your energy. Virgo brings the air of organization and refinement as it helps you shift and settle into your new routine. Feel into this full person you are becoming. You are a goddess!!

Ofcourse the stone I’m going to recommend this week is Sapphire, September baby’s birthstone! Sapphire is an intuitive stone, one that opens your crown chakra. Use it to work on entering your goddess self in this Virgo season!!

Excited to see where this month takes you!



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