Summer Starter Kit

Hey KG Killers!

Natalie here, and nothing excites me more than the thought of tan lines, salty hair, and memories that will last a lifetime aka summertime. With Memorial Day coming up this weekend, we thought we would share our Summer Starter Kit with all of the essentials to get your summer kicked off right! Keep your eyes glued to hear about my favorite brands, activities, and more!

Kit Item No. 1: Swimsuits!

Bikini bottoms at the beach featuring Kindness Gems rings

If you know me, you know I’m a big swimsuit girl! Nothing is better than slipping one on and feeling like a straight queen on the beach. I personally am so into the sky high retro swimwear bottoms, makes the waist look so dainty while accentuating your feminine curves. A total power move. For tops I am in love with simple tie tops, I don’t know why but they speak to my soul! Seeing as we are a San Diego based company, the beach is our lifeline during these summer months. I love so many swimsuit brands but I’ll just share a few with you here!

For simple pieces I love the brand Rhythm, so cute and so fun! For more stylish pieces I am obsessed with RVCA, they really just slay the game with clothing, swimwear, shoes, honestly E.V.E.R.Y.T.H.I.N.G. For a more affordable option but still hella cute, Forever 21 always has a steal on swimwear, $17 for a one piece is so so good!

Kit Item No. 2: Makeup

Growing up a swimmer, make up was never my thing. It just really wasn’t a reality unless I really was feeling the grunge, grudge look with mascara running down my face 25/8. Because of this I am still very minimalist when it comes to my fresh summer face. I prefer to ditch foundation and other face makeups and choose to hydrate my ass off so that my skin is clear enough to rock the raw look (avoiding dairy also helps a TON). But if I'm seriously needing some coverage I use Neutrogena Light Coverage Foundation! With the sun a blazin’ I love the dewy look. Something about when you have a little red on your cheeks from the sun baking you, AND a dewy glow is so so essential! I use the Urban Decay Dewy Finishing Spray right over my skin to give me that glow even if I’m not caked up! I finish everything with a little brow gel to give me that bohemian natural feathered look and if my eyes are a little puffy I use some brown mascara! Also, if this is your plan for the beach be sure to pack a makeup wipe to take off that under eye mess that develops in the waves! I’ve found that Neutrogena Makeup Wipes honestly take the cake for quality and price. Those little blue packages get me every time, be sure to shop Costco for them! Way cheap and way convenient to have to only buy them once an eon!

Kit Item No. 3: Food, food, food!

Diet is super important during the summer months! Not only does healthy food keep you fit and lookin’ hot, but it is important to maintain hydration and a healthy diet for your skin and internal regulation! Some good foods to keep you hydrated and balanced would be things like:

Aloe Water: The taste isn’t ideal but it hydrates you at hyper speed. I usually water it down so that it isn’t quite as offensive and I get double hydration! Also, hydration is key for the clarity of your skin!

Acai bowl with banana, blueberries, granola, and peanut butter

Acai Bowls and Fruit: So good for your gut health, so good for your mood enhancement, skin, and immune system!

Matcha Water and Cold Brew: If you're running low on energy and need a boost in the morning so you can make it through your summer adventure be sure to check out Chameleon Cold Brew; it's so yummy and the packaging is so cute! If you're more of a tea kinda gal, be sure to order an ice water from your fav cafe with matcha powder! So refreshing!

Kit Item No. 3: Roadtrips

Hand wearing Kindness Gems rings on the dashboard of a car with sunset

Road Trips are a summer ESSENTIAL! Find a kickass group of three or four friends and get out there!! Age doesn't matter when it comes to having fun on roadtrips; some of my fondest memories are attached to the best trips ever with my friends! Vacations like these can be incredibly centering for your mind as well. Take time off. See the world we live in. Make memories that will last a lifetime. You only regret the trips you don't take! So get out there, grab a tent and a buddy and adventure your little heart away! Some suggestion I have for places on the Western side of the states include:

Joshua Tree: So fun! Great rock climbing (friendly to ALL levels), a fun famous bar Pappy and Harriets, bonfires at night with the friends make for great story time and laughs galore!

Havasupai Falls: This is something I have yet to do but looks absolutely phenomenal! It’s a 10 mile hike down into the Grand Canyon, but once you get there you are met with the most beautiful crystal blue waterfalls against rust stained rocks… breathtaking from just the photos!

California 101: Honestly I’m very biased, I’m just going to be upfront. All things California and the beach are just superior in my brain. Period. But in all honesty this is so fun to do! I did this with my sisters a few years back and I don't think I’ve ever laughed so much in my life. You get to see all the beauty of California in one go and you get to watch the nature change as you move north. From the white sand for miles down in San Diego to the rocky cliffs of NorCal, its amazing the whole way!

Sedona Arizona: Such a cool magical place, also where we source a lot of our healing gemstones! Supercharged with all the spiritual energy from such a special place!

Kit Item No. 4: Camera!

Instagram can be distracting, and a lot of people equate a camera with Instagram and losing the value of “living in the moment” but I disagree. Photos don't have to be used for the gram. Photos are snapshots of memories, they bring back emotions, and all the feels of the moment that they are captured! I think having a disposable film camera allows you not to get too wrapped up in the photos because you actually have to wait to get them (ew, all of instant gratification monkeys are pissed), but also capture raw moments that will disappear forever otherwise. You can buy these at any drugstore or Target or Walmart! However if you have supreme self control and think you can handle a digital, they make amazing quality mirrorless cameras for better prices! I have been shooting on my Sony a6300 ($1000) and have found that it is comparable to my old Canon 5D ($4000). While $1000 may seem expensive, there are plenty of older models still just as amazing, I just wanted a few more features! I know Cannon’s line of Rebel cameras is also a great option, some costing as low as $200. Cameras are an investment into your future, so remember that they memories they capture will be worth more than dollars when your 50 reminiscing to old photos your kids don’t give a shit about!

Kit Item No. 5: Playlists

Everyone needs a killer playlist! Songs so often get attached to memories for me so this is a HUGE deal because forever after when I hear that song it is synonymous with what I was feeling when I was listening to it the most! Get the vibes right! Spotify has a bunch of killer playlists that you can check out. One of my go-to summer songs that must be on your playlist this summer is Pop Food by Jack Stauber!!

Alright guys, that’s all I got for you today! Have fun, be safe and make some AMAZING memories! Happy Summer!

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