Summer 2020 Fashion: Baby Doll Dresses, Bucket Hats, & Opals

Hello KG crew! Memorial Day Weekend is right around the corner & that means it’s time to start talking about summer 2020 fashion. That is, if we are able to leave the house.  From neon colors to puff sleeves, these summer trends are sure to leave a statement.

  1. Baby Doll Style Dresses are sure to be a staple this season. You want to make sure they are mini-dresses with pastel summer hues and variations in the volume. These playful baby doll dresses are sure to keep your wardrobe light and breezy!
  1. Neon Colors. We cannot seem to get away from the neons in any season! They are still trending and this time around, there is no limit to how you can add your favorite bright, poppy colors into your outfits. Throw on a neon shirt, dress, or even a neon bag as an accessory and you will be set for the summer!

  1. Believe it or not ladies, bucket hats are in style! Bucket hats make the perfect, easy summer accessory because you can simply add them to any outfit to give you a casual, fashionable look!
  1. Bralettes were one fashion trend I discussed in the overall 2020-fashion blog at the start of the year & I assure you they are going to be big this summer! It has become more common to see bralettes wore as shirts underneath caminos and suit tops. Many retailers are in on this trend & have been offering a surplus of bralettes so be sure to get your favorites before summer starts!
  1. Puff Sleeves are the newest summer 2020 trend. Shirts, blouses, and even some swimsuits are serving the hottest summer look with oversized sleeves. Zara has some extremely cute top options for you whether you need a puff sleeve shirt for a casual look or to dress it up all fancy!
  1. Dripping in gold needs to be your motto for the summer!! Lucky for you, KG jewelry is the perfect dainty, but durable and simple, but cute addition to every outfit for every one of your summer adventures! Gems that are going to be hot for the summer include opal, pearl, and emerald. Opal is by far our most popular stone; it is translucent to give you all the colors of the ocean, which makes it perfect to match with any outfit combo. I recommend our simple opal necklace and drop opal earrings as the ultimate accessories to rock this summer!
There you have it guys, these are 6 summer trends you want to make sure you are on top of! Be sure to grab our opals before it’s too late! Tag us in any selfies you take styling your KG with your trendy summer fits!


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