Stay Busy, Productive, & Happy During Covid-19 Pandemic

Hello KG crew! I hope you all have been staying safe, healthy, and happy throughout these hard times we are in! As it appears, we still are very uncertain when things will return to normal and scientists, health professionals, & politicians warn we will be restricted for many months to come. While this is heavy news to carry, there are so many ways you can stay productive & have some fun in the midst of the pandemic. In case you have been finding it hard to motivate yourself, we wanted to give you some ways to stay busy in this time!

  1. DIY Projects! There is a countless number of at home craft projects you can get into! Whether it’s tie dying some old t-shirts or building a cool bookshelf, or even a rad macramé wall decoration, the possibilities are endless! I recommend browsing through Pinterest for some inspo, saving a few of the projects, and then start tackling them off one by one! Stay tuned, KG might just have a step-by-step DIY project coming soon :)
  1. Learn a new hobby! With all the extra time we have, it is perfect for picking up a new skill or practicing a new hobby. You can bring out your creative energies by trying jewelry making! Grab a new cookbook and dive into some recipes you never thought you could make. Or even pick up a new instrument; there are countless videos online that could teach you how to learn the guitar, flute, or piano!

  1. Read, read, and read again! Reading is one of those things we all wish we had time to do more of but somehow it gets pushed to the backburner when we are swamped with work, school, and social obligations. There’s no better time than now to start checking off the books on your list you’ve been dying to read.

  1. Exercise! Exercise is so so important for your health and in times like these, we need to be focused on our physical and mental health! It can certainly feel hard to get motivated these days but I promise, once you get the workout done and then start getting in a routine, you are going to feel so much better!! Exercising will give you positivity, motivation, and confidence to tackle any quarantine activities you want to conquer! So pull up a Youtube home workout video or get outside for a run, I promise you won’t regret it!
  1. Check in with friends and family! Staying connected is a great way to stay busy, have some fun, and continue to build meaningful relationships in your life.
  1. Try to still plan fun activities you can look forward to! Plenty of zoos, museums, and national parks are offering virtual tours. Set a date to take one and get your family involved so it feels as if you are all taking part in a fun outing!
  1. Get creative when it comes to play time with your quarantine crew. Play new board games, build a fort, and make a scavenger hunt! Take this time to do fun, silly activities inside the house that you might not otherwise do.
  1. Challenge yourself, do something outside the limits of your comfort zone. Maybe you can learn a new language, write to a pen pal in Europe, or even strategize ways to start a new ecommerce business! The possibilities are endless!

Those are 8 great tips for how you can stay productive and have some fun doing so during the Covid-19 pandemic! We hope some of them come in handy for you & lead to a much more exciting and motivated quarantine.

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