Rubies, Emeralds, Sapphires... Oh My!!

Hello hello Kindness Gems babes!! There is so much to be excited about this week but mostly lets scream & shout because Kindness Gems 14k Gold Precious Line launches next week!!! WOOHOO! That’s right, KG is going to be carrying a full 14k Gold line with genuine Emeralds, Sapphires, and Rubies. So, to get us all ready for the big launch, I’m going to tell you guys ALL you need to know about the precious stones and their meanings!

Let’s start with Indian Ruby! This goddess stone is one associated with the heart and base chakras. Rubies can be sourced from India, Madagascar, Russia, Sri Lanka, Kenya, Cambodia, Mexico, Zimbabwe, and Tanzania. The stone symbolizes dynamic leadership, courage, and selflessness. Ruby can help heighten awareness and allow for better concentration. It encourages passion for life as it improves your motivation and propels you towards realistic goals. This stone certainly wants you to follow your bliss as it continuously promotes positive dreams and clear visualization. One of the most renowned stones for abundance, Ruby aids in retaining wealth and passion. This powerful stone, ruled by the planet Mars, is one you can certainly go to when you are in need of healing – whether that be illness, danger, or heart healing.

Now onto Emerald! Emerald derives from the Greek word, “smargos,” meaning green stone. The oldest known Emerald mine can be found in Egypt, yet the stone is also found in India, Zimbabwe, Tanzania, Brazil, Austria, Columbia, and Madagascar. This green stone is truly one for a lover as it is often called, the “Stone of Successful Love.” It is said to bring domestic bliss and loyalty, allowing one to love who they are and then share that same love with others around them. Emerald enhances unity, unconditional love, and partnership while continually promoting friendship. It is a stone ruled by Venus, which gives it great power to enhance mental equilibrium and metaphysical ability. Wear Emerald to open your heart chakra and encourage love and patience in your life.

Last but not least, Sapphire! Sapphires can be sourced from Myanmar, Czech Republic, Brazil, Kenya, India, Australia, Sri Lanka, Canada, Thailand, and Madagascar. A stone associated with the throat chakra, Sapphire aids in self-expression and helps release frustrations. It is named from the Sanskrit sanipriya, meaning “dear to planet Saturn.” For years this stone has been used to ward off evil and scare away demons. Sapphire is good for protecting its owner while it acts as a powerful healer in many circumstances. Known as the wisdom stone, Sapphire is said to focus and calm the mind as it releases unwanted thoughts and mental tension. This stone works to alleviate mental confusion and sadness, opening up space to attract prosperity and gifts of all kinds. Sapphire is best used to invite serenity, peace of mind, and concentration into your space.

So ladies, now that you know the meanings of all the precious stones and how they can best help you in your life, I think its time to check out our new line!! Stay tuned on our website for the launch and follow our Instagram posts to see goddesses like yourself rocking our 14k Gold! Have a good weekend lovers!



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