Quarter 1 Charity: Every Woman Every Child

Hello my KG Lovasss!! Happy 2020, who else is super stoked to be in this decade?! At the KG office, we are feeling a lot of positive energy for this year! We are beyond excited for all to come in 2020. Kindness Gems has new designs, big events planned, and so much more on the horizon to continue to expand KG! In 2019, thanks to all your help, we donated thousands of dollars to our 4 partner charities & we couldn’t be happier with the impact we were able to have! It is my pleasure to introduce you guys to our 2020 Quarter 1 Charity and tell you all about the work they do: Every Women Every Child.

Every Woman Every Child is a global movement that works to mobilize international and national action by both governments and civil society to address the major health challenges for women and children around the globe. They’ve come up with a Global Strategy for Women’s, Children’s and Adolescents’ Healththat acts as a roadmap to ending all preventable deaths and ensuring the well-being of these groups. The goal of the organization is to create a better future for all by striving for development, which cannot exist without well-being.

Ban Ki-moon, former UN Secretary General, launched every Woman Every Child during the United Nations Millennium Development in 2010. The organization was established to place a higher emphasis on the health of women and children, as it is critically important to almost every area of human development and progress. The well-being of these groups directly impacts the success of the Sustainable Development Goals, which was adopted by world leaders in September 2015, and the overall success of the 2030 Agenda.

The overall idea behind the organization is to create healthy societies and in turn, build successful economies to create prosperity for all. “Prosperity, as we know, is essential to political stability and social harmony” – Every Woman Every Child, About.Kindness Gems could not be more thrilled to contribute to an organization truly making the world a better place. The health of women and children is vital to creating healthy societies. By helping children and adolescents realize their rights to health, well-being and education, we can equip them to attain their full potential as adults, as future leaders of the world. As we commence Quarter 1, we are humbled to be making an impact on the health and well-being of these groups. 

The gemstone of Quarter 1 is Moonstone. This stone is one for feminine energy and female empowerment, which aligns perfectly with the mission of Every Woman Every Child. Moonstone is also a stone that brings positivity and success to new beginnings as it aids in growth and development. How perfect for the start of a new decade! 25% of all Moonstone items purchased between now and March will be donated directly to Every Woman Every Child. Shop today!

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