Nothing but Kindness at the San Diego Markets!

Hello Kindness Gems Queens!! Happy Thursday! Can you guys believe summer is almost over? Where has the time been flyinggggg?!? Summer in San Diego has been so much fun! There is always so much going on and always something new to see! We were stoked to share with you guys some of our fav spots and activities in the city on Instagram this week. We hope you have enjoyed following along! San Diego is such a special place so we are honored to have it be our headquarters!! The farmer’s markets and artisan shows that take place every day in San Diego are so much fun to be a part of – especially in the summer months! The energy and vibe of Southern California during the summertime is just so much fun, nothing can compare to it!!

As you all know, we live for the San Diego Markets!! We sell at Ocean Beach every Wednesday, Ruocco Park on Saturdays, and you can find us at Lane Field Park, Gaslamp, and Old Town on Sundays! We got markets on markets on markets! We wanted to fill you guys in on our experiences at these markets and how much it means to us to be a part of the San Diego community!

San Diego’s market culture is really like no other. This city fosters a community of people who love to shop local and eat locally grown food! It’s a place where small businesses thrive! Every single day you can find a different market in a different area of the city. Locals and tourists alike love roaming the streets for hours searching for their new favorite local jeweler or just the best spot to get ripe tomatoes! Every single week the markets are packed with both new and familiar faces all happily supporting the local businesses!! It is so special to be apart of a community that recognizes and appreciates the importance of small business. It allows us as entrepreneurs to bring our art and passions alive! One of my absolute favorite parts of being at these markets has to be the fact that so many talented, creative, and passionate individuals surround me. Within the markets, all the artisans truly support one another and love sharing what they create with others. That community, itself, is super unique and inspires me daily to fulfill and, more so than ever, bring my creative energies to life!

Every single person who works for Kindness Gems can confirm that they love selling at markets. It is such a fun environment, the sun is always shining, and the people you meet really make the day worthwhile! San Diego is one big melting pot of people visiting from all over the world, adventurers who have moved from all over the US for new experiences, and van-life folks who are traveling through to surf some of the best waves in the world! Every time you work a market, you make new connections and learn so much about the different people from different parts of the world. It is so extraordinary that San Diego attracts tourists from all over the world who can bring Kindness Gems story back to their countries!! Just yesterday 4 girls from the UK fell in love with KG’s jewelry & I sent them home with pieces for themselves and all their moms and sisters! It is so incredible to give gemstone jewelry as a gift; whether it’s a mom who needs calming or a sister who needs good luck, Kindness Gems always has the perfect piece! The markets are unique and amazing because it’s such a personalized experience, I love helping people find the perfect stones for them and their loved ones!

For me, personally, selling at the Ocean Beach Farmer’s Market every Wednesday is my favorite part of my job! There are so many locals who return for new pieces or even bring their friends along to share Kindness Gems with them. I meet so many new people each week with fun and vibrant personalities!! Ocean Beach is such an eccentric town you never know who you are going to meet. Everyone is so chill, welcoming, and loving!! Our jewelry fits in perfectly with the community here, as it is one that promotes sustainability, gemstones, and giving back! That statement is true for most of the markets we attend. Everyone in San Diego has opened their hearts to KG jewelry and has been super supportive of our journey and mission! It is an honor when our pieces truly move people who have a connection to the causes we donate to! That’s why we do what we do – to make a difference and raise money for all the charities supporting survivors of abuse and working towards environmental change! It has been humbling to experience all the support the San Diego community gives to our jewelry as a result of our commitment to giving back!

This week the gemstone I’m recommending is Bamboo Coral. While it is not one we carry on the website, I hope this blog post encourages you to come check out these markets for yourself and we can hook you up with a bamboo coral necklace there!! Bamboo Coral is a fire element stone good for igniting your creativity and passions! That is what these markets prove to be for us, a place to bring our artwork and creativity alive and allows us to share it all with San Diegans and the world at large!! Have a wonderful weekend lovelies!! See you at the markets!!


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