Meet Our Founder: Julia Freifeld

Hello Kindness Gems babes, welcome to the blog!! We are so excited to launch this blog on our new site as it is going to be an awesome place to discuss everything Kindness Gems is about and much more!! Check it out each week to read up on topics such as fashion, music, health, travel, gemstones, and of course lots of random acts of kindness! As much as we are stoked to give you guys our perspectives on topics each week, we hope this serves as a safe, rad place for everyone to always be sharing their thoughts and acts of kindness!

Let’s get started!! My name is Bri, one of the two masterminds behind Kindness Gems. I am going to be writing a majority of the blog posts so you’ll learn a lot about me, don’t worry lol! But for the first post, it only felt fitting that I introduce everyone to one true badass babe, my best friend, Julia Freifeld.

Julia, to put her into one sentence, is an intelligent, strong, burrito eating, llama loving, impactful, kind-hearted, “I’m here to get shit done” boss bitch.

Julia started Kindness Gems as a way to give back to the organization at which she worked for, counseling survivors of sexual violence. In college, she volunteered for with Rise for 3 years, where she was able to help those who had been sexually violated. Julia is a dreamer; she knew there was a way to make a larger impact. She combined her passions for helping others and making jewelry to do something huge! It started as a small sea glass based jewelry company where Julia would have all the sorority girls at her college wearing the necklaces and has expanded to a company with national recognition that has beautiful woman from coast to coast dripping in natural gemstones that make them feel powerful, strong, and pretty!

Living in Ocean Beach, San Diego today, Julia lives what I’d like to call the dream beach life! A day in her life consists of a walk on the beach (sounds cliché but this literally happens everyday), yoga, an acai bowl or two, jam sessions with her boyfriend Daniel, jewelry making, possibly an episode of New Girl, and we cannot forget at least one hour dedicated to hanging at the dog beach with her model pup Oshie, who is a golden retriever husky mix with ocean blue eyes. Come say hi to her at the Gaslamp Artisan Market every Sunday in San Diego, CA!

Julia Freifeld, founder of Kindness Gems

Fun Facts about Julia:

  • Llamas are her favorite animal.
  • She prefers wearing gold to silver.
  • Burritos and sushi are both always a yes!
  • She is vegan.
  • This girl loves to dance, let me tell you.
  • She’s a musician!! One of the best singers you’ll ever hear!
  • She’s a beautiful soul, inside and out!

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Thanks for reading guys, looking forward to connecting more with you all through this blog :)


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