Live Light & Bright: Go Vegan Part II

Hello friends! Today’s post is going to act as Part II of our Live Light & Bright: Go Vegan series! With this series, we want to simply educate you on the health benefits & all the ways being plant based betters your life and the environment around you! Even if being vegan is not for you, as its not for everyone, hopefully the knowledge provided will encourage you to eat plant based a little more often or even simply eat more consciously!! Today we are going to discuss all the health benefits that come with living a vegan lifestyle!

With any diet you choose, you have to know what foods to avoid and which foods to seek out. When a vegan diet is done properly, it certainly promotes weight loss. If you are eating the right amount of fruits, vegetables, grains, proteins, and healthy fats you are bound to be on track reaching your weight goals. Controlled studies have shown that participants on a vegan diet lose more weight than those who follow calorie restrictive diets. These studies have also shown that vegan diets contain more essential nutrients than any other diet. They tend to provide more fiber, antioxidants and beneficial plant compounds if you eat the right whole grains, beans, peas, nuts, and seeds in addition to the fruits and veggies. These foods are much richer in potassium, magnesium, folate, as well as vitamins A, C, and E.

Plant based diets also work to fight many diseases as they improve the functionality of your organs. Going vegan has proven to help lower your cholesterol levels, leading to a reduced risk of heart disease. Additionally, the diet will help manage diabetes by lowering A1C levels while also lowering your risk of getting certain types of cancers. Let’s dive into more specifics! Going vegan lowers your blood sugar levels and heightens your insulin sensitivity, which provides a 50-78% lower risk of developing type 2 diabetes. Substituting meat for plant-based protein has lead to improvement of kidney function and relief of systemic distal polyneuropathy symptoms, which are both important to prevent diabetes. Additionally, according to the World Health Organization, approximately 1/3 of all cancers can be prevented by factors within our control, including diet. Vegans generally eat more legumes, fruits, and vegetables than any other diet and therefore, are at a 15% lower risk of developing or dying from cancer. Avoiding certain animal products reduces your risk of prostate, breast, and colon cancer.

The health benefits don’t stop there! Eating fruits and vegetables is also linked to a lower risk of heart disease. Studies have shown that vegans benefit from up to a 42% lower risk of dying from heart disease as well as a 75% lower risk of developing high blood pressure. Vegans on a probiotic-rich diet can also significantly decrease symptoms of osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis. Participants in a group study experienced a greater improvement in symptoms such as pain, joint swelling and morning stiffness when they were placed on a vegan diet. It is clear that the vegan diet provides you with the nutrients you need to live a healthy life while also helping your body fight off ailments and diseases. In addition to all the specific physical health facts, a vegan diet also provides for a better mental health. Giving your body the right nutrient it needs allows for a healthy gut that fuels your entire body, sending positive signals up to your brain! The elimination of long chain fatty acids, associated with depression, found in meat leaves you at a lot lower risk of suffering from it. Vegans also eat more complex carbs, which leads to an increase of the “feel good” hormone, serotonin, in the brain. If this means that switching to a vegan diet will result in less risk of disease and an improved mood, sign me up!

Alright guys, that is a quick little summary of all the health benefits that come with being vegan! The gemstone I am going to recommend this week is garnet. Garnet is a stone for overall health and vitality, especially associated with your heart! Use this stone this week as you hopefully indulge in some more plant-based meals to make your heart super happy!

Have a good, healthy weekend!


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