Live Light & Bright: Go Vegan Part I

Hello my dears! Another beautiful week in the books! I hope some of you followed my suggestion from last week & got an ocean opal, which hopefully guided you through a week of peace and tranquility! Now that it has provided you with a sense of calming, it helps bring out your best self so you can rise to your truest potential! I wanted to talk today about a life choice that certainly allows me to feel my best & to operate at my highest level of energy: being a vegan. I’m here to share tips, reasons for becoming vegan, and health benefits of the diet! We are going to discuss all that comes with this decision in multiple posts as a series & for the first one I will be discussing the reasons to go vegan! Please leave any comments or questions you might have - I am always open to answer!!

There are so many different reasons people choose to go vegan. An important one is the value of the animal’s lives. Animals feel emotions like joy, affection, pleasure as well as pain and suffering. It is hard to justify the encouragement of this suffering for our own pleasures. The dairy industry, nevertheless, is not exempt from the treatments we know about the meat industry. Hens and cows are often times abused and sold to meat companies when they are no longer providing and the abuse continues.

Another huge reason to go vegan is for the health benefits. At this point in history, there are tons of scientific studies that confirm humans do not need to eat animal products. In fact, the majority states the unhealthy effects of meat consumption and that despite popular belief, a vegan diet can provide all the nutrients we need to thrive. Plant based eating health benefits include reduction in prevalence of obesity, diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, heart attack, stroke, and some types of cancer. As a vegan, I can confirm that in addition to this, healthy eating and a healthy gut leads to having more energy! I feel so alive, awake, and alert since I’ve fully committed to this diet & I want nothing less than that for all my KG babes!

The largest reason for myself, personally, is the environmental impact. The Earth we live on, plain and simple, is not being treated well currently. This negatively impacts more things than I can write in 1 sentence, including how we will continue (or not continue, honestly) to live as human beings on this planet. The effects and changes in our climate are largely contributed to the agricultural industry. Animal agriculture is the single greatest human-caused source of greenhouse gases, land use, and land degradation. It remains the number 1 source of freshwater pollution and rainforest destruction. An additional point to note is that the animal agriculture industry is a leading cause of world hunger & water shortage. More food & water are being provided to the animals that are going to be mistreated and slaughtered than to starving children – and over 6 million kids die of hunger every year. These animals require more supply of food than they ultimately provide in the end. It takes 13 pounds of grain to yield one pound of beef, when that food could be directly feed to starving humans. The transgressions in the industry are alarming, and the more people that take a stand to become vegan, the larger push we have to put an end to the damage.

Fun Fact: A vegan diet in 1 day saves 1,100 gallons of water, 45 pounds of grain, 30 sq ft of forested land, 20 lbs CO2 equivalent, and one animal’s life.

Thank you guys for being open & reading about some important reasons to go vegan! The gem I want to recommend this week is Garnet. It’s a stone of vitality and health, relating to one’s heart chakra. Combine the stones energy with a vegan diet & you’ll have one healthy heart! Have a good weekend babes; protect your hearts!


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