2021 KG Tour: Getting KG Jewelry into Shops Near YOU!

Hello Kindness Gems Crew! 2021 - what a year it has been already! 2020’s trials and tribulations failed to knock us down but rather, they fired Julia and Bri up more than ever to reach new levels with the company! We love having you guys be a part of our journey, so we wanted to share with you some big plans we have for moving forward this year! Speaking of moving…

We are ready to expand our KG Crew around the nation! Our goal is to build a powerful community of people with a foundation centered on spreading good, kindness, and love. People who are passionate, can share their passions through our platforms. People who care about others & about the environment. People who care about quality products and the ethics and sustainability behind them. A crew of girls and guys alike who love to adventure, want to share their adventures, and wear cool jewelry while doing so! How can we achieve this goal? By offering more access for people around the nation to shop Kindness Gems.

For the year 2021, our founder Julia is going to be traveling the United States. Her mission is to set up in a new city every month and make connections with the boutiques in each state that she visits! “I started Kindness Gems by traveling on the road through California and getting into the boutiques I visited along the way. Having the opportunity to do that on a nationwide scale is a dream come true for me” said Julia. She will be setting up appropriate appointments and making sure all the plans along the way are covid-friendly. Her first spot, throughout the month of January, was Boise, Idaho. This location was the perfect winter wonderland for Julia to isolate herself out in nature, strategically plan the upcoming months, dive deeper into her music career, and solidify a couple boutique connections in the charming town of Boise.

“Along with making the retail connections, I am beyond excited to see the beauty that the great outdoors of this country has to offer! Traveling certainly looks different these days as I manage to make this a covid-friendly experience, but for me there’s nothing more inspiring than simply soaking in nature and the outdoors!” 

What’s next for Julia? She is taking the nation by storm! Here are just some of the spots Kindness Gems will be traveling to:

Denver, Colorado

Nashville, Tennessee

Jackson, Wyoming

Austin, Texas

New York, NY

Big Island, Hawaii

& more!

Is your city on the list?! If so, Julia cannot wait to bring KG to shops near you! Comment some of your favorite boutiques that you’d love to find KG at! If your city is not listed, share with us where you live and stores you believe would be the perfect fit for Kindness Gems jewelry!

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