KG Updates throughout Covid-19

Hello KG Crew! Can you believe we are already half way into July? Where is the time flying?! It’s so interesting to be a part of history and this time period in general; some of the hard days feel like as though they are dragging on forever while at the same time it feels like these months of coronavirus have flew by without us being able to catch a breathe, master that sourdough recipe, or even make a significant difference in the outcome of the pandemic. It’s a wild time we all are experiencing but nonetheless, we are all in this together. Throughout this time, it has been great to have your support for Kindness Gems; you all have truly made it feel like we have a team behind us throughout this crisis! While we cannot lie to you all, the Covid-19 effects have hit KG hard, as they have with all small business, but rest assured, we will be coming out of this bigger & better!

I wanted to simply just use this post today to give you all an update on where KG is with respect to coronavirus. We are now in our fourth consecutive month without in-person markets and wholesale accounts. It is harder than ever before to see continual growth, but no virus is stopping us! We have seen record numbers of online sales and for that, we thank you all so much! It has been awesome, throughout this time, to work with our newest interns, Teagan and Elise, to build on our social presence. You can now find KG on all platforms (Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, & YouTube). It brings us so much joy to offer you guys the content on each platform that truly represents the lifestyle brand that KG is! We hope you love all the DIYs, giveaways, OOTDs, sustainability recommendations, & recipes as much as we love making them! It has been amazing to connect with you all on the socials, especially as we continue to build our brand and influencer connections! Be sure to stay up-to-date with us on each of the platforms as there will continue to be new content, product launches, giveaways, & special sales on each social!

A very exciting update on the KG forefronts is that Pigment San Diego branches have placed a new order! So, if you are looking to shop KG in stores, you can find us at each of their 3 locations very soon! We will also be on their online website so please be sure to head over there & shop our line. If you are a boutique owner or have the perfect boutique in mind where you’d like to find KG, please don’t hesitate to reach out!

In most recent news, we have officially launched our new & improved Kindness Gems Rep Program! Oh boy babes, this program is 100% something you want to be a part of. The rewards are out of this world! To start, you get 50% OFF for your first order as a rep and then, it only gets better. After receiving your personalized code, for the first 2 sales you make, you get a $5 credit to – that’s practically bought you a ring of your own already. BUT THEN, on your 3rdsale you receive A FREE RING! By your 4thand 5thsale, you receive not a $5, but a $10 credit each time for The rewards just keep piling on, with a FREE NECKLACE and a $100 CREDIT to our site for your 10thsale!! You pretty much never have to buy KG Bling for yourself again. & That isn’t where the perks stop ladies, as a KG Rep, you are continuing the chain of kindness by spreading the word and making sales that give back money to charities making a difference around the globe! It’s a win-win!!

Moreover, to give you guys all the behind the scenes updates, we have been working hard to plan for the post Covid-19 bounce back! This season has certainly been all about planning, organizing and strategizing. In the fall you should expect to see plenty of new product releases, a new & improved KG website, more rewards for our awesome KG reps & new packaging + rebranding! We couldn’t be more excited for all we have in store! Get ready for new ring stacks, new earrings, & a special addition to each and every necklaceJHunnies you are in for a treat. KG can’t wait to bring you it’s new and improved look! Be prepared by following us on all the socials, signing up for our newsletter + rep program, & checking the website because we promise you that you won’t want to miss a thing this upcoming season!


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