KG Turkey Takeover: Culture!

Hello Kindness Gems babes!

We are off to a killer start with our Turkey Takeover! We started the trip in Bodrum, a beautiful coastal town known for its breathtaking beaches and crazy nightlife. We participated in a festival on the water, the Chill Out Festival, and then were honored to spent two nights vending at the Bodrum Night Market! It was insanely special to be amongst local artists and experience the excitement the town shared for Kindness Gems! Since we are in the midst of the KG Turkey Takeover, I wanted to share more on the culture of the country as it is one that the people take great pride in!!

Turkey’s culture combines diverse traditions from a number of various cultures including Eastern European, Eastern Mediterranean and Central Asian. The evil eye stands as one of their longest and most widespread symbols. You cannot go anywhere without see this symbol, it is hung in houses, restaurants, shops, all over!! The Turks believe that it wards off evil and protects you from the evil glares of outsiders.

Food, food, food! Food runs deep in Turkish customs. Every meal is a gift from Allah and is not to be wasted. Their most important meal is breakfast, and trutst me, it doesn’t get much better than a traditional Turkish breakfast! It typically includes eggs, cucumbers, peppers, bread, tomatoes, olives, honey, jams - the list goes on and on! Oh, and don’t forget the Turkish tea honey girl! It’s a must have when visiting and is super special to share with a friend!


Textilesssss! Come on, if you love fashion, you love patterns and prints! The Turkish are known for their rugs, scarfs, and towels! Did you know that most of the world’s towels come from Turkey? They are very talented in creating elaborate decorative patterns that make amazing stylish pieces for both fashion and decor! The people of Turkey have been hand-making these items since the days of the nomadic tribes!!

One of our dearest friends, Zeynep, lives in Istanbul. Here is what she had to say when we asked her about living in Turkey, "I’ve been living in Istanbul for 20 years now. I traveled the world and I always felt like Istanbul was the one and only place that really spoke to my heart. Whenever someone asks me if I miss my country I always tell them that I miss the people more.. the hospitality the warmth.. I love starting my day with a huge smile from a person that I don’t know. However thats the magic of Turkey."


It is beyond special to experience the love and pride the people of this nation have for their home; it is truly touching and humbling. Everyone we have come in contact with has been so enthusiastic to share their stories, beliefs, and knowledge of their country. Not to mention, the people have been so welcoming and genuinely kind to us tourists! They are simply honored to see people traveling from other countries to Turkey and want nothing but to share all it has to offer!

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