Kindness Gems Donates to RAINN During Covid-19

Hello loves! The second quarter of this year we are donating 20% to RAINN, the nation’s largest anti-sexual violence organization. It means so much to us to partner with an organization that is doing tremendous work to help survivors of sexual violence especially in this time, as sexual violence is on the rise with the stay at home order. We wanted to use this blog post today as a reminder to you all that your purchase truly does go a long way! For every $1 donated to RAINN, $0.95 goes directly to programs that help victims and survivors of abuse. Kindness Gems is committed to donating a full 20% of every single purchase to this organization and therefore, even if you buy a simple necklace, that is $5+ that will help individuals in need. RAINN’s website is loaded with information on all they do each day to combat sexual assault. You can find countless releases from the organization on resources for prevention and response to sexual assault during Covid-19, more info on the National Sexual Assault Hotline, how they are working to protect the vulnerable, & much more. We do encourage you all to check out their site to learn more & come to a better understanding of how much good a Kindness Gems necklace can do! Thank you guys for your continued support for KG! It means the world to us and it goes even further to make a difference in people’s lives. Sending love to you today!

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