Julia Blu: Founder of KG, Musician, & Dog Mamacita

Hello KG crew, happy February! I hope everyone had a killer January and kick started this year right! 2020 is a big year for all of us, including our founder – Julia. We have exciting news on her music career and want to share with you more about what makes Julia, Julia! If you have had the pleasure of meeting her at any of our San Diego markets, you know what I mean when I say she is the sweetest gal with the most genuine heart. Julia has a huge passion to make a difference and give back, which is how Kindness Gems all got started!!

Julia currently lives in the hippie, eccentric town of Ocean Beach, CA. On any given day, you can find her practicing yoga, working on music in her studio, or on the dog beach with her baby boy Oshie! Oshie is a golden/husky mix with beautiful blue ocean eyes. Julia rocks the part of dog mom!! She always mentions how much happiness Oshie adds to her life and how calming it is to have a dog. Julia has said that the best parts about being a dog mom are the cuddles and how Oshie always knows how to cheer her up just being his goofy self!

Julia has been working behind the scenes of Kindness Gems for a couple years now. We wanted to get her insight on what her favorite aspect of owning KG is and here’s what she had to say: “The best part about owning KG is watching the process unfold. To think it started with me messing around with gems and wire on my college dorm floor to traveling around to get my jewelry in boutiques, to now gaining an amazing business partner, hiring a range of employees, to really turning the company into a complete lifestyle brand. It has all been incredibly fulfilling and exhilarating!” Kindness Gems is a company that is forever growing, adapting, and expanding. Its no surprise that Julia’s favorite part about it is seeing it all evolve. Every day is a new accomplishment, a new task, or a new twist. Its incredible to watch as the organization changes whether it be new employees or new designs, KG continues to evolve while remaining true to its core values – spreading kindness and compassion.

Kindness Gems certainly has a bright future, and Julia cannot contain her excitement for it. She has expressed how proud she is of the strong foundation that has been set in the last year or so. She is excited for the strategic plans of bringing the brand to a wider audience, nationally and internationally. “We have so many exciting opportunities coming up and our team is really just so hungry for success. We aim to take this company as far as our wildest dreams and I am extremely excited to see where it goes in the coming years!”

In other exciting news, Julia is kicking off her music career!! Up to this point, she has released 3 songs off of her latest album: Metaphysical, The Next Thrill, and Trippin. Music has always been a passion of Julia’s; she has been singing since some of her earliest days. The process has been truly magical for her, as she works out of her studio in Ocean Beach with her musical partner, Daniel. “Music is something I knew I had a passion for but realizing I want to pursue it as a career has been such a crazy process. I am happy to be now putting out music into the world that is representative of myself. Music feels so natural now as I confidently release each new song. My journey is only just beginning!!” This album Julia has created is an incredible piece of art. She truly has her own style, yet each song provides something special that all audiences can connect to. The talent, both Julia and Daniel possess, is unmatched. Be sure to stay up to date with Julia Blu on all the music platforms you listen to!! She will be releasing new music almost every Friday!

&& there you have it! Julia Blu everybody. So much coming her way this year. She certainly couldn’t do it all without the help of our precious gemstone, citrine. My gemstone recommendation to you guys this week is going to have to be citrine; it is Julia’s favorite stone!! A stone of positivity and abundance, citrine is said to help you manifest your wildest dreams! And bring you money – we all could use a little of that!! Thanks so much for reading up on Julia, she’s a real gem;) Have a killer weekend crew!!



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