Join Kindness Gems in Saving the Amazon!!

Hello hello my Kindness Gems Crew!! We’ve been discussing environmental issues a lot recently, especially with our commitment to Oceana this quarter, & this week that will continue because our poor, beautiful Amazon Rainforest is on fire! So lets dive into what’s going on down in Brazil and how Kindness Gems is here to help!!

The Amazon rainforest has been actively on fire for the past 3 weeks, with a count of 2,500 fires leading up to last Thursday night. The number of fires in Brazil this year has exceeded 80,000, an 85% increase from last year alone. There are so many fires burning in the Amazon at this moment that it is currently visible from space!! Different reasons for the causes of the fires have been speculated, but regardless of the cause, we need to take action in helping to put them out! Forest fires have a large impact on climate change. As the number of fires increases, the amount of greenhouse gas emissions into the air increases too. This, then, causes the planet’s temperature to rise and leads to extreme weather events, such as major droughts. The deforestation contributes directly to changes in rainfall pattern, which ultimately further affects forests, biodiversity, agriculture, and human health. As these fires continue to burn, so will carbon monoxide, nitrogen oxides and non-methane organic compounds continue to release into the atmosphere.

While politicians continue to debate on the best solution to stopping the fires, it is more important than ever for us to show our support for the organizations working to save the Amazon and putting a stop to the fires. Kindness Gems, for the week of August 26 – September 2, is going to donate 25% of all the proceeds from any Amazonite designs purchased to Amazon Watch. Regularly, this organization works to protect the Amazon rainforest by partnering with indigenous people to enforce campaigns that challenge the corporate and government powers threatening the rainforest. Amazon Watch is a large voice for climate justice as it researches and defends against environmental destruction and corporate greed. In this time of need, Amazon Watch has been working hard to educate the world on what exactly is taking place and how, globally, we can rise to solve the problem.

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If you’d like to show your support and contribute to putting out the fires in the Amazon, check out our Amazonite Collection. Through the rest of the week, that 25% will be donated directly to Amazon Watch! Amazonite is a stone that combines intuition with intellect, and my intuition tells me that it’d be an intellectual idea to help save the rainforest!! The Amazonite Statement Necklace is a 1-week ONLY item so don’t miss out! Go order yours today!

Have a wonderful day babes & spread the word on the importance of protecting the Amazon!!


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