It's all about Giving Back!

Hello beautiful people! One of the best gifts is that of giving and it is a truly amazing feeling that our work each day is based on this! Kindness Gems is rooted in the concept of paying it forward. So in this week’s blog post we wanted to share with you the inside scoop on the work we do to give back!

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Kindness Gems LLC is dedicated to giving 20% of proceeds to organizations that work to make the world a better place! We operate on a quarterly system, meaning that we work with 1 organization for 3 months of the year and then rotate 4 times throughout the year. This system allows us to shed light on multiple awareness projects and help various causes that we are passionate about! For 2019, the 4 issues we wanted to help tackle are human trafficking, sexual assault, ocean conservation, and substance abuse. These causes are either ones that we have seen affect those we love, felt aren’t discussed enough, or play a large role in the conservation of our planet today. A little can go a long way and we are happy to be paying it forward with a 20% of proceeds donation to the organizations that work on these issues: 

Generate Hope – Human Trafficking Awareness

Rise – Sexual Assault Awareness

Oceana – Ocean Conservation

Shatterproof – Substance Abuse Awareness

As our first quarter wrapped up about a month ago, Julia and I met with Rachel from Generate Hope to talk more on both of our missions, plan upcoming events, and of course present the donation! Living in San Diego, we wanted to donate to a local organization that helps provide solutions to this issue in San Diego city for it ranks in the top 8 high intensity areas for commercial sexual exploitation of children in the nation. Did you know that the average age girls are exploited is between 12 to 14 years old? Generate Hope operates as a safe haven for girls this age and up to recover by providing safe housing, therapy, and learning programs. Rachel shared with us all the details of the program and the steps the girls take to recover with Generate Hope. What Julia and I really love about the organization is the emphasize they place on the time it takes to transition back into everyday life. When girls enter the program, they are invited to move through the steps on a 2-year timeline. The girls in the program are not rushed or forced into steps they are not ready for, which shows how much Generate Hope cares for the survivors they take in. Better yet, the organization now runs a second, beautiful Victorian home on the island of Coronado where members of the program are invited to stay as they are transitioning out and getting back into work or school.

"There is no limit to what we, as women, can accomplish" - Michelle Obama

We, here at Kindness Gems, are truly inspired by the work Generate Hope does to better the lives of these beautiful survivors. For Quarter 1, we are thrilled to announce we donated nearly $2,000 that goes straight to the programs the organization offers. We are excited to see the difference this donation makes for the girls at Generate Hope in addition to the events we have coming up with the organization! Stay posted on our Instagram to find out when we will be volunteering with a jewelry making event, having a rep from Generate Hope at our booth in a San Diego market, and much more!

The first quarter of the year was a success for Kindness Gems and Generate Hope! We are looking forward to sharing more with you all as the year continues. Check back into future blog posts to learn more on the charities we will be donating to in the upcoming quarters!


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