Helpful Holiday Tips!

Hello Kindness Gems Crew! It’s finally December, happy holidays! I don’t know about you, but I’m more than ready to cozy up, drink hot coco, and watch 25 days of Christmas! As you guys are starting to think about the perfect Christmas gift for a loved one, I figured I would help out by giving the best recommendations for certain people in your life or for people who need certain healing properties! Let’s get right in to it!

For Mom/Grandma: Rose Quartz or Amethyst would be the go to for Mom and Grandma. These stones correspond to your heart chakra and therefore, represent love and compassion. It’s a very sweet gift if you want to show your love for someone!!

For your sister: Chrysoprase is a great stone to give a sibling! It’s a stone of good luck. It is known to bring success and prosperity – who doesn’t want that for their sister!!

 For your best friend: Citrine or Sunstone I would recommend for a BFF!! These stones are both for positivity and abundance. It is a gift that brings positivity into a person’s life you love so much! Citrine is all about attracting positivity; bringing happiness and money into one’s life. Whereas sunstone is about bringing out one’s positive characteristics and radiating their own positive vibes!! Choose wisely!

For your girlfriend: Rose quartz or Ruby!! Rose quartz is truly the ultimate love stone. So if you are trying to tell a special someone that you love them, this is the way to do it! However, if you are in love with a fancy KG babe, she is going to want the Ruby. Ruby is also a stone associated with your heart chakra so it is one that deepens connections in your life. We have a variety of Ruby options in our Precious Stone Collection!

For someone entering a new phase of their life: Moonstone!! Moonstone is a powerful feminine energy stone. It’s one that guides you through new phases and beginnings in life. Moonstone is an incredible stone to gift a person who is seeking growth in a new area of their life!

For someone who is feeling anxious: Water element galore!! Water element stones are good for calming; they bring peace and serenity to those who wear them. On our website, you can find Aquamarine, Abalone, and Blue Lace Agate. These stones would be great to give to someone who is experiencing anxiety.

For someone who is seeking out a new creative venture: Carnelian is the stone for this! Carnelian is a stone that motivates you and sparks your creative energies!! It would be a very sweet gift for someone trying to bring his or her passions to life!

A gift you can’t go wrong with: Kindness Gems Birthstone Bottles are a gift that makes everyone happy. This go to gift is perfect because everyone has a birthstone that they can relate to! Plus, the necklaces are already packaged all cute in a bottle that is perfect to give as a gift!!

Okay guys those are all our gift recommendations! If you have any more questions about specific gemstones as gifts please don’t hesitate to reach out! Happy Holidays babes!


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