Gemstones 101

Hey KG Crew, Bri here! This week I wanted to dive deeper into the topic of gemstones since I have been getting so many questions about their meanings at the San Diego markets! There are hundreds of different gemstones found all over the world but today I’m going to share with you 5 of my favorites and start you off with a better background on how they work!

So how they work! Think of the earth as an energy playing field. Gemstones are naturally formed stones that can be found and collected from all different parts of the earth where different energies are present. If you take a gem out of a specific energy spot and then place it on our body, your own frequency reacts to the energy that the stone is giving off. Things we put on our body effect us physiologically. My best example is garlic; if you place a clove of garlic on your body overnight, you would wake up with breathe smelling like you just ate two big loaves of garlic bread! Anything that comes in contact with our body has a chemical reaction with it: plants that give you rash, lotion that hydrates your skin, dyes that stain your skin, etc. Lets do a gemstone example, freshwater pearls come out of ocean. The ocean holds a calming, rebirthing energy so when you place it onto your body, the power of the ocean’s tranquility is absorbed.

Now, with a better understanding of how they work, let me tell you about some of my absolute favorites!!

Rose quartz gem stones sprawled on table

Rose Quartz: Oh the stone of love! Rose quartz is a stone associated with your heart chakra. It is said to bring you unconditional love and infinite peace as it promotes receptivity to beauty of all kinds. This stone helps both deepen trust and comfort in existing relationships and works to deepen your self-love as it encourages forgiveness and acceptance. I’ve wore this stone in times of heartbreak and found it to be super effective!! When moving across the country, my heart was super heavy as I had to leave behind so many of my loved ones without knowing how soon I would see them again. I wore Rose Quartz after the move as a way to attract more love and compassion from others into my life!

14k gold fill citrine lariat necklace

Citrine: Citrine is the ultimate stone of positivity and abundance! This stone, as it cleanses and reenergizes all the chakras, is said to promote a sense of inner tranquility allowing your inner wisdom to emerge and help you move into a flow of feelings and balance. Citrine should be worn if you are looking to attract abundance into your life, whether it be through wealth, happiness, or health. A truly life changing stone, citrine allows one to manifest the reality of their dreams! Julia has attributed this stone to the success Kindness Gems is having!

Moonstone: When asked what my favorite stone is, Moonstone is always the answer!! Moonstone is the go to if you are seeking to embody the goddess! It is filled with feminine energy and it’s called upon in times of new beginnings and growth. Moonstone promotes lucid dreaming and serendipity; therefore wearing the stone allows one to grow into their new phase of feminine power. Fun fact! Julia gifted a moonstone ring to me when we joined forces for Kindness Gems and so far the boss bitch energy has been working for me! 

Aquamarine: Aquamarine is a crazy cool water element stone that aligns all of your chakras, particularly clearing your throat chakra and opening up your third eye! In addition to its calming effects, aquamarine is said to be a protective stone for sailors at sea. It is an amazing stone for meditation because it shields the aura, invokes high states of consciousness and encourages services to humanity!! Some pretty rad stuff guys! Aquamarine is personally my go to stone for the summer with its pretty light blue color its perfect to wear at the beach!

Aquamarine rings and other Kindness Gems rings

Carnelian: Ohhh honey let me tell you this stone fires you up! As a fire element, Carnelian is one that brings you abundance as it motivates you for success in business and other matters. Carnelian was a stone beloved by the Egyptians who believed it assisted the soul on its journey and had protective powers in the afterlife. A stabilizing stone with high energy, Carnelian helps connect you to the present reality and is excellent for restoring vitality. I love to wear carnelian when I’m feeling creative and want to see those energies come to life! I am always DIYing so this stone is perfect for me!

Alright guys, hope this blog post gave you all a better insight into the gemstones! Don’t ever hesitate to come up to us at a market and ask about the different meanings of the stones, we love talking about them! Be sure to check out our IGTV this weekend where Julia and I are going to talk share more of our favorite stones and ways to wear them! Have a good weekend friends :)

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