Gemstone Description: Pearl

Hello KG crew! With everything going on in the world today, we wanted to bring you some soothing, calm vibes with one of our favorite water element stones. We will be going over all the meaning, symbolism and myths behind the Pearl! Pearls are an extremely rare gift the earth gives to us and they can be found on our site as part of our Precious Collection.

Pearls have been around for centuries and have always been known to be symbolic of wisdom gained through experience. In addition to their calming properties, they offer protection while attracting wealth and good luck. It is said that pearls have a way of bringing balance to your karma, and we could all use that! Pearls are symbolic of the loyalty, integrity, and purity that the person who wears it possesses.

Many cultures have different ancient myths about the precious gem of the sea. With each story, you can see how important these gems were to ancient civilizations.

Chinese: Black pearls were symbolic of wisdom to the Chinese during civilization. They believed that the pearls formed inside the head of the dragon and once fully grown, the dragon would carry them in between its teeth. According to the myth, the only way a person could gather the pearls was by slaying the dragon to death.

Egyptian: In ancient times, Egyptians valued pearls so highly that they were buried with them. The Egyptians once believed that Cleopatra drank a pearl from one of her earrings to show Roman politicians that the entire nation’s wealth could be devoured in one sip.

Japanese: During ancient times, the Japanese believed that tears of mythical creatures created pearls. Meaning when nymphs, mermaids, or angels cried, pearls would rain down onto the Earth.

Persian: The Persians believed that pearls were crafted from storms. When a rainbow came down from the sky to meet the earth, it brought pearls. The reason for pearls imperfections, Persians believed, was thunder and lightning.

Pearls will forever remain a symbol of love, purity, and union. For this reason, pearls are very popular for brides on their wedding day. As the symbol of love and affection, pearls are able to strengthen valuable relationships. There most renowned quality, however, remains serenity. Valued for its calming effects, pearls give one a sense of safety and protection. These precious gems, with the celebrated qualities of calming and purity, will be valued for generations to come.

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