Fitness Week: Running!

Hello my fit KG babes! It is Fitness Week with Kindness Gems and we are so pumped to be sharing with you all the different sports your Kindness Gems jewelry is strong enough to participate in! We truly do pride ourselves on providing the highest quality materials because we want badass babes like you to feel comfortable and secure while having no worries about a break or discoloration! So get out there girl! Go for a run, a swim, a gym session – your Kindness Gems will be shining with you through the workout and for years to come!

Three girls running on a pier

Running, running, running!! My favorite sport! I started running competitively my junior year of high school.  I feel in love with the thrill of it- training for long, hard hours, the nerves as you sit for hours at a track meet waiting for your event, the feeling of finishing a cross country race after just leaving it all on the course! No other sports compare. After just two years of training at a high school level, I went on to run D1 for Rider University, a small private school in New Jersey. Running, in general, teaches you millions and millions of lessons; running at a collegiate D1 level flips your whole world upside down and forces you to grow and think in new ways you would have never expected. I want to share my three biggest takeaways from the experience!

  1. Confidence

Running is a very vulnerable sport. All of the success you have is based on your own performance. There is no team to fall back on, you don’t get to miss a shot and hope Mary makes the next one to bring your score up. All the pressure is on you. You toe the line with your own singlet, your own spikes and hopefully a little bit of confidence. This sport tested me a lot in the confidence department. It was hard after having a bad race to come back and be better, especially when you are racing the best of the best. But this is why we trained as hard as we did. Oh I can do mile repeats at that pace? Then I certainly can race at this pace. It was a continual effort of building up the confidence to race hard. Taking this confidence out of the racing scene, I now have the confidence to keep going after what I want, keep showing up, and never taking no for an answer.

  1. Self-Betterment

I guess self-betterment is a way to sum up that running has taught me to always challenge myself to work harder and push myself past my limits. Again, as a sport where you are working to beat your own personal records, you are forced to push yourself to places you’ve never gone in order to get better. Run that extra hill repeat, sprint harder at the end of that lap, do the double run even though you’re sore from the first one. This sport has shown me that you have to leave your comfort zone. There is always room for growth, and for that personal record!

  1. Perseverance 

Perseverance is by far the largest lesson I learned from this sport! Running knocks you down, it knocks you down hard, and then it does it all over again 5 more times. You have embarrassing races, under-performing seasons, injuries, and so on. Each bad race rips you up more and more on the inside and each injury sets you back farther than where you started after now training for 6 months. I, personally, was injured/had health issues throughout the majority of my college career. It is insanely hard to see your teammates advancing and not being able to do anything about it. Nonetheless, you keep going. You keep your head up. You keep showing up. You keep working on getting better. I’ve cried many tears after what I would consider failures, but I’ve also rejoiced harder after races I poured my heart and a few solid workouts into after coming back from injury. In any circumstance in life, if you fail or get knocked down, get back up. Try again. Work harder, plan better. You can do it.

Three kindness gems rings with sunset in the background

One of my favorite stones to keep me motivated & confident is Carnelian. She’s a real beauty with her variety of orange hues, especially for the summer time! I’m currently rocking two rose gold Carnelian rings and a statement piece necklace with the stone so you know I got my perseverance pants on today baby! Carnelian is a fire element stone that fires you up and brings your passions to life!! It works to tap into your creative energies and keep you motivated all day long. Grab yourselves a Carnelian necklace to keep you fired up for all your summer workouts KG babes! Happy Fitness Week! 


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