Fall 2020 Fashion Trends

Hello friends! Another beautiful fall day in the works! To matter what fall looks like for you, whether you are watching the leaves change or you’re putting on sunscreen as you get ready to run to the beach, you better be doing it in fashion honey! We are going to be taking you through some of this season’s biggest trends. Let’s dive right in!

Over-sized scarves. No big surprise here! Colorful, plaid big fluffy scarves are still very in! So be sure to dig into the back of your closet to pull out those vintage, oversized scarves you love to wear when this time of the year comes around! With that, wraps, blankets, and ponchos are also going to be big on the scene this season! These will all be a great way to style/spice up any outfit for the fall!

Boots, boots, & more boots! Chelsea boots, platform boots, and thigh-high boots are styles you will be seeing a lot of. It seems that many fashionistas are drawn to a groovy, timeless kind of look this season & I couldn’t be more stoked! Grab a hot pair of faux leather shiny platform boots and I promise you, you will be stuntin’ on everyone at the pumpkin patch this year!

Since we are taking about shoes, this is a 2020 fall trend I cannot fail to mention since it makes me feel like my dreams are coming true… Birkenstocks and socks! I’m not sure if this is a “Covid-19 - I don’t leave my house” influenced trend, nonetheless I am ready to rock it! Vogue’s latest 2020 fashion blog introduced the idea for the season and confirms that sandals with a good pair of socks are in for this fall. 

Midiskirts are a big 2020 fall look! Neutral toned, simple style mid-length skirts will be seen a lot this season. They are perfect to pair with a fall sweater & will compliment the boots you have planned for the season! You can also pair the skirt with your favorite fall loafers for an outfit that will never seem to fail. Getting a perfect midiskirt for the season is one of my biggest recommendations since it is so versatile!

Drippppingggg in jewelry! That’s the way to go now girlfriends! Lariat necklaces are in this season. Even more than that, stacking necklaces is in more than ever! Stack a set over a turtleneck top or with your favorite fall dress & boots for the perfect fall look! Our favorite necklace stack is our choker + simple necklace style. You can shop this set at our Virtual Market Friday on Instagram Live tomorrow, Friday 10/9 at 10am PST.

There you have it guys, your 2020 Fall Fashion Trends! Be sure to stop by tomorrow to get your fall wardrobe started off on the right foot, with some new KG pieces for the season!


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