DIY: Macrame Wall Decor

Hello friends! I’m sure you are all looking for a new project to dive into and keep you busy during quarantine & boyyyy do I have the one for you! This DIY macramé wall décor is super easy to make & you are sure to fall in love with the final product as it becomes the new staple piece in your living space! Let’s get to it!

How to Make DIY Macramé Wall Décor:

  1. First you must start by getting all the materials you will need. The best part about this step is that you can get creative with it based on your wants! So, if you want to make a super large wall piece, you must get a large piece of wood or if you want it to be small and cute, find a smaller piece of wood for the base. I personally went outside to my local park to find my branch, which I encourage you all to do but I’m sure you can also find similar wood branches at Home Depot or Michaels. Next, you will need some yarn! Yarn is what makes this whole piece come to life. Here’s where your creativity comes out. What are your favorite colors? What colors are going to match your apartment? How can you make this piece really pop in your home? Whatever color scheme you choose, I recommend getting about 5 different color variations so the piece has some variety. Then lastly, you will need some kind of strong rope or twine to hang the piece with!
  1. After you’ve gathered all your materials, it’s time to get started! Lay your branch flat on the ground with some room around it for your yarn to take its shape. Using scissors, you will cut individual strings of yarn at the length you desire them to be. Let me explain further. Start in the middle – that is going to be your longest section and the rest get shorter as you expand out to the sides. Measure the area of the wall you plan to hang your macramé décor on so you can be certain how long to make the first one. Now let’s say you measured the area and you’re longest piece should be 32 in. Instead of cutting just 32 in, you will need to make the string double the length because of how we will tie it around the wood. So you will cut about 4 strands at 64 in for your first little section.

  1. Now it is time to tie the yarn around the wood branch. You are going to want to fold the 4 yarn strands in half so they measure the 32 in, keeping them all together. As seen in the picture above, you will place the folded loop underneath the branch. The remainder of the string will come over the top of the branch and then through the loop. Pull the yarn tight so it makes a knot around the wood. There you go, your first yarn section completed!

  1. You see how easy it is! Now, you will be simply repeating steps 2 & 3, making each of the yarn sections slightly shorter than the previous one. Each time you will want to change the colors. Sometimes you might even want to throw in 2 or 3 colors together. Get creative! Each time you are cutting at least 4 strands (I’d say between 4-6 each time if you are working with thicker yarn; if it is thin yarn it may be more like 8-10 strands per section) and making sure they are double the length because after you fold in half and knot the strands they will be the measurement you desire!
  1. Pro tip! Rather than just leaving all the yarn strands hanging straight, its fun to give some of them a little twist! You can throw in three colors for one yarn section and then braid them together.

Split the yarn section into two and lightly twist them together and then tie a knot at the end.

Tie knots throughout the entire section.

*Please note: when you are throwing in these extra little twists, make the strings a little bit longer than you would if you were just letting them hang straight because the knots and braids will make the pieces shorter.

  1. The final step is simply to tie some rope or twine around the farthest sides of the branch & hang it in the perfect spot of your home!

That’s all it takes loves! I hope you enjoy making this simple, easy, & fun DIY!


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