DIY Halloween Costumes & How to Pair KG with Them!

Hello KG babes!! Halloween is next week, can you believe it?! If you are in need of some last minute DIY Halloween costumes, we got you covered!! Here’s some of my favorites & ways you can match your best KG pieces with them!

The first DIY costume is a mermaid!! Get yourself a cute silk green skirt to work as a mermaid tail! If you live in San Diego, Dream Girls in OB has the perfect one for this outfit!! Match that with a purple or seashell patterned bathing suit top. Use purple & green glitter face makeup to give yourself a shiny ocean goddess look. Then, finish it up with the Simple Abalone Necklace. This seashell necklace will have you looking like the queen of all the mermaids!

Butterfly fly away! Our DIY butterfly costume is a showstopper! Start by getting orange, silky fabric from either Michaels or Joann’s. Paint black lines and white dots in the design of a monarch butterfly. Poke two holes in the top of the fabric so you can tie a string around your neck to hold up the wings. Do the same at each separate end of the fabric so you can tie a string around your wrists. Pair the wings with an all black outfit. Distressed black shorts and a black bandeau is what we recommend! Finding a cute little eyepiece like the one you see in the photo above really makes the outfit! Best of all, contrast with the Labradorite statement necklace and earrings to give you that buggy, shiny look that tops everything off!

Our third DIY costume is a bubble gum machine!! This one is just too adorable! Get a red tight skirt to act as the base of the gumball machine. Forever 21 has a cute red leather one right now that would work perfect!! Then, get a cheap tank top from Walmart and hot glue colored cotton balls (you can find these in the craft section) all over it to look like gum balls on the top of the machine!! Then, make a cut out from cardboard or something similar and paint “25 cents” on it. Paste this on either the top of the skirt or bottom of the tank. Top of the outfit with our Amazonite Special Edition Statement Necklace that each look like little individual gum balls & you are all set!!

Our final DIY Halloween costume is a hippie! This one is super simple because you probably already have all the pieces you need right in your closet! Fun pants is where you gotta start!! Get a fun patterned pair of pants with a good flare bottom. Find a simple crop top to match one of the colors in the pants. Layer the crop top with a fringe jacket. A pair of cool sunglasses and a matching headband will then finish this outfit up! As for jewelry, a sunstone lariat necklace is going to complete the costume! This necklace is simple & hippie and it represents all that hippies are into - love, positivity, and sunshine!

So excited for you all to get creative with your Halloween costumes!! Can’t wait to see how you all complete the look with your favorite KG piece! Tag us in your photos on IG!


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