Decorating with Gemstones

Hello Kindness Gems babes! With Halloween just around the corner, I’m sure everyone is getting in the mindset of decorating!! Carved pumpkins, fake spider webs, orange string lights! All of that stuff is so so much fun – but I know you want to have your home looking super cute and cozy even before you put all those fun decorations up! So, this week I’m going to share with you guys cool, pretty ways that you can decorate with gemstones! There are so many ways to get unique and creative with gemstones in the house so I want to let you in on some of the ways that I have myself! A huge plus side of decorating with gems is the healing energy they bring into the home – so lets also discuss beneficial stones to have in the household!

Table Toppers! Geodes and crystals make a great addition to any side table, nightstand, or coffee table! They bring a pop of color and dimension to just about every table display. One of my favorite ways this is done is with bookends! Find a pair of colorful geodes with two glossy flat sides & place them at each end of your favorite reads. You can see in the picture above how simple, yet adorable it is as an addition to the table. Another way to upgrade your tabletop with geodes is by adding a crystal lamp! Simply shopping at Home Goods, you can come across so many lamps with designs that appear to be an actual geode OR a lot of stores are selling legitimate geode with a light built in and they look so cool! We have one in our KG office and it truly upgrades the shelf! Himalayan salt lamps, you know those big pieces of peachy salt with a light bulb in them, are also very trendy and look great on top of any table! Lastly, in terms of table toppers, thin geode slabs are great repurposed as coasters for drinks. Find some colorful thin cuts that match your home’s color scheme and use them as a cool way to decorate the room & not get drink stains at the same time!

There are also so many ways to get creative with agates in art. I recommend DIY painting curvy lines with different shades of the same color to get a handcrafted agate piece! I have also seen super cool agates put into picture frames. This really separates a picture collage and gives the space a statement element! Additionally, agates and geodes are awesome in various furniture pieces. Geode tables with glass that rests on top of a large stone with the crystals facing up is for sure a piece in the room that will have your guests talking! On top of the geode table in my apartment, I have a Citrine geode candleholder. Small candles fit perfectly in the middle of the crystal and it is a perfect means to bring positive energy & nice scents into your space!

Now that we have some ideas on how to decorate with the crystals, lets talk about the best crystals to have in certain places of your home!


  1. Black Tourmaline is best placed by the front door. This stone acts as an energy protection shield as it helps you disconnect with negative energy as you enter your space.


  1. Shungite should be placed in the area of the home where you spend most of your time. This stone helps balance and harmonize any chaotic energy.


  1. Rose Quartz and Amethyst should be placed in the bedroom. These stones bring in the strong energy of love and compassion.


  1. Selenite and Citrine are best placed on the windowsill. These two help harness the energy of the sun to bring positivity and light into any room.


  1. Celestite is to be placed on the nightstand. Celestite aids in getting a restful night’s sleep & helps you better connect with your crown chakra!

This week my recommendations are the stones above! Go get to decorating loves!


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