Be Kind to Your Body: Kombucha

Hi Kindness Gems crew! This week’s blog post is going to be all about Kombucha – that drink that seems to be trendy right now, that’s also good for you but tastes like vinegar so you are not so sure why everyone loves it! Well, it is one of my favorite drinks and it comes with a lot of health benefits that I am here to tell you all about! With that, we are going to touch on the topic of gut health – so ladies if we want to feel good and have clear skin this summer listen upppp!

Kombucha, what is it? 

Kombucha is a fermented, all natural beverage made from black tea that is full of vitamins and living enzymes. These living enzymes inside are the good bacteria that we want for our gut! “Good bacteria,” or live cultures, that work to build a happy gut and healthy body are called probiotics. Other food and drinks to add to your diet that contain probiotics include Greek yogurt, Kimchi, sauerkraut, pickles, and even some sour dough breads! So when you eat these foods or drink Kombucha, you are giving your body the good bacteria it needs to fight off diseases and stay healthy!

Your gut health has a large affect on your entire body and mind. It plays a role in your sleep patterns, mood, immune health, inflammation and infection of the body, and your skin. Drinking Kombucha itself is said to help digestion improvement and boost immunity. As a natural energy booster that improves oxygen flow to tissues, Kombucha is known to improve mental health in addition to its physical health benefits – including that of reducing one’s risk for cancer. Studies have shown that an imbalance in gut flora have been linked to conditions including depression, Crohn’s Disease, Ulcerativie Colitis, Colon Cancer, and many more. Nonetheless, making simple changes such as adding Kombucha or any of the foods mentioned above to your diet will aid in mood enhancement, improved digestion, detoxification, cholesterol reduction, and even enhanced athletic performance! 




There are so many fun and amazing brands that work to deliver you gut happy food and drinks! GT’s Kombucha, seen in our latest post, is one of my favorite brands – you must try the Guava Goddess flavor it’s the best! They place emphasize on being a brand that wants to touch peoples lives and make the world a better place. On their bottle, it reads “When we embrace our inner beauty, we nurture our mind, body, and soul.” 

I, myself, have been drinking Kombucha for years! I really do believe it helps my metabolism stay balanced as it helps suppress my apatite so I avoid unnecessary snacking. Recently, I’ve been getting more serious in terms of getting my gut health in check so I have added sauerkrauts and vegan coconut milk yogurt that I get from the Ocean Beach Farmer’s Market every Wednesday! I kid you not, this past month as I have added these to my diet I have felt so much lighter and have a lot more energy!! Everyday I wake up feeling energized and it seems I get so much more done in a day now! Best of all, since making these changes to my diet I have noticed an improvement in my skin! Research has shown that the good bacteria in our gut help transform oils in the skin into natural moisturizers. Think about it – we wouldn’t want to rub a cheeseburger all over our face to moisturize it. But we eat these foods and that is then what our body digests and the bacteria in our gut flushes to our skin, the largest organ. So, when we can, lets be kind to our bodies and drink Kombucha in order to keep our gut happy!

Thanks for reading guys! If you are looking for stones related to health, check out any of our Emerald pieces!



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