Be Kind to Yo Mind: Mindfulness

Think about how many decisions you make in a day, you wake up, you brush your teeth, you have to choose what your want for breakfast, what you want to wear, what ratchet rap you want to listen to on the way to work, LOTS OF DECISIONS! UNC Science says that we make an average of 35,000 decisions in one day. I don't know about you but a lot of the time I can recall three or four. This freaks me out because it makes me realize that I genuinely live my life on autopilot. This made me think further into how much of my day I even remember the following day. I realize that I could not map out an hour by hour schedule of my previous day if there was a million dollars and a vegan boba milk tea on the line… yikes.

Blue lace agate drop necklace, various Kindness Gems rings, and "The Little Book of Mindfulness"

This opened my eyes to the fact that I need to work on my mindfulness, being in the moment, and making decisions intentionally. By intentionally I mean “with intention”, making decisions because they align with my goal, morals, or purpose.  So for example choosing to shop at thrift stores because it doesn't fill landfills and I like the earth :), eat healthy because I believe that my body will truly feel better if I do, and so on and so on! Being mindful can launch your life into whole new realms, it allows you to decide to live the life meant for you and for you to be present in the current moment! Below I have left a couple examples of things I find that help me with mindfulness and staying in the current moment.

Meditating: There is so much science about how simply stilling your mind relaxes you and allows you to think more clearly and be more focused. We beat our brains up with our constant stimulation world we live in and taking even just a few moments to chill out a clear your head can change the trajectory of your life. To read more, visit this site: Meditation.

Exercise: I used to think yoga was the only thing that helped me into being in a mindful state but then i realized that after i do a heavy lifting session where I really challenge myself and focus i feel the same euphoric still mind sensation after. Yoga is a beautiful thing because it is made for mindfulness, it's literally built into the workout. But I realized that this is a mindset thing and if you choose to give all of yourself to any workout you reap the benefits.

Journaling: Daily journaling is so so good for your emotional and mental health. It allows you to express your raw and 100% honest feelings that you couldn't even tell another human. It allows you to put all your problems down on paper, and in a sense leave them there. It also allows you to watch yourself develop and see how you are growing as a person

Being alone in nature: I am aware just how crunchy granola hippie this sounds. But hippies know whats up, their whole lifestyle is focused around being mindful of everything around them. Yes Magazine posted an article saying “Besides boosting happiness, positive emotion, and kindness, exposure to nature may also have physical and mental health benefits.” Even just 15 minutes where I just sit on the sand and breath in the fresh breeze makes me feel incredibly calm and much less anxious which allows for the ease of decision making.

And there you have it! My complete guide to how to be more mindful! There are tons of other ways but I find that these are my favorite! As far as gemstones go, clear quartz is such a good crystal to boost mental clarity and focus, it taps into your crown chakra which opens your mind to the universe and all it has to offer!


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