Be Kind to Our Oceans!

Happy Thursday babes!! As we are well into our third quarter, where 20% of our proceeds are donated directly to Oceana, I felt it would be fitting to touch on the topic of saving our oceans!! Recently, this important cause appears to be gaining more attention – but after reading this blog post I’m sure you’ll agree that people aren’t putting their best foot forward to learn more and do their part where they can! We can all make a few small changes daily that can have a huge impact on protecting our oceans today!

Let’s start with the facts! Plastics never go away, once they are created there is no way to completely remove them from the Earth. 18.2 trillion pounds, yes 18.2 trillion, of plastic have been produced since 1950. Out of that 18.2 trillion, only 9% has been recycled. This means that 89% of all the plastic every created is now either taking up space in a landfill, killing our ecosystems in the oceans, or, believe or not, is inside your own body. Scientists have found that, on average, 17.6 billion pounds of plastic enter the ocean every year. Those pounds of plastic are killing our marine life and destroying coral reefs every single day. Plus, these plastics are not only affecting the lives of fish and marine animals but they are affecting your own health as well. Plastic reacts to sunlight over time and it breaks down into small tiny pieces called micro plastics. Fish regularly eat these micro plastics, they are then caught by the fishing industry, and they soon end up on your plate at your local fish restaurant. If you are a big mussel eater, it is estimated that you consume 11,000 micro plastics in a year. I don’t know about you, but that doesn’t sound healthy to me! 

The ocean is our largest ecosystem on Earth; it acts as the planet’s life support system. Our oceans generate over half of the oxygen that we breathe and provide a sixth of the animal protein that humans eat. Additionally, the ocean absorbs a lot of the carbon dioxide from the atmosphere, reducing much of the climate change impact. As we can see, the ocean plays a large role in our everyday life, our economy, and our survival.

With all of this being said, Kindness Gems is incredibly humbled to donate to Oceana, an organization that truly works hard to conserve the world’s oceans. Most recently, the organization is taking donations to help save the dolphins that are drowning off the coast of California. They have been getting caught in deadly drift gillnets meant to catch swordfish for fisheries. Additionally, Oceana is currently taking a stand against Congress to ban shark fin trade in the states. You are welcomed and encouraged to sign the petition or donate on their website!! Please check out to learn more about what this incredible organization continues to do each day to save our marine habitats.

Here are some easy ways you can do your part to save our ocean!

1. Get a reusable water bottle/coffee mug!!

It takes at least 450 years for one plastic water bottle to degrade, so you can imagine the damage it causes!! Buying a reusable bottle you can refill, and a coffee cup you can bring to cafes for them to fill up, can be fun as you can decorate it with cute stickers and ribbons – be creative!

2. Make better seafood choices.

Many fisheries take part in unsustainable fishing practices. Next time you buy fish, make sure its been caught in an environmentally responsible way!

3. Lower your carbon footprint!

The ocean absorbs over 25% of human carbon dioxide emissions. This results in ocean acidification, which harms our marine life. Therefore, opt for a bike ride or walk when you can, reduce energy consumption, and make more conscious choices about where you shop and eat!

4. No more straws! Or any other one-use plastic utensils!

Over 50% of sea turtles that have been found dead have ingested some form of litter. Invest in a bamboo straw or stainless steal reusable utensils that you can easily carry around in a purse so we can help save our marine life!

5. Support an organization that works to clean our oceans and save marine lives!

There are so many out there! Find one that does work you are interested in, or donate to Oceana today!

And that’s that! 5 simple ways we, ourselves, can start making a difference in our everyday lives. It goes further than the “Save the Turtle” posts, we need to save the ocean to ensure that the Earth is a safe environment for us to live. With small steps each day, we can make a change!! From now to the end of the quarter (September 30), for any Kindness Gems Abalone Shell purchase, 25% will be donated to Oceana! An extra 5% to save our oceans!! Get your own pretty piece today!


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