Be Kind & Support Small Business

Hello Kindness Gems crew! As a small business, we recognize the importance of all the local communities and customers to step up and help one another out in these times. Local business is essential for our economy, and many of your favorites are taking a hit at this time. Small businesses bring growth and innovation to communities while providing employment and creation of entrepreneurship opportunities. Therefore, we must do as much as we can in this time to support them. Here are some tips on how to support your favorite small businesses during the pandemic:

  1. Keep an eye out for sales. Many businesses will most likely be running some sort of sale incentive to get you to buy! This is a perfect opportunity for you to purchase from them so they make some cash & you save some cash!
  2. Donate. Out of the kindness of your heart, send some money to a business you would like to help keep afloat. A little goes a long way!
  3. Get behind businesses that are doing good in this time. Here at Kindness Gems, we are donating a full 20% to the CDC Foundation to aid in finding a vaccine for Covid-19. There are also so many companies that are now making masks or doing a buy 1, give 1 program! These are certainly the companies you want to support right now!
  4. Order takeout or curbside pickup from one of your favorite local food spots!
  5. Purchase gift cards that you can use down the line.
  6. Share posts about your favorite local businesses on social media pages. If you love a company, spread their good news! Share delivery menus, sales your favorite boutique is having online, etc. Try to get other people to support the businesses as well!
  7. Follow up with your favorite services/providers online. Therapists, yoga studios, personal trainers, even many teachers are offering services online! Get involved with them!
  8. Tip service workers extra!
  9. If you are a IT professional, designer, or social media expert, reach out to small businesses and offer to help them in this time as everything is moved online!
  10. If financially possible, continue your subscriptions and memberships with small businesses – that will help them stay afloat!

We hope you can apply a few of these tips in your life during the pandemic! We would hate to see all of our favorite small businesses be shut down for good. Please do the best you can to help!

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