Amethyst: Stone of the Quarter

Hello Kindness Gems Crew! It’s October, can you believe it?! We have reached our final donation quarter of the year! From October to December 2019, Kindness Gems will donate 20% of all proceeds to Shatterproof. I wanted to use this blog post today as a way to share more on the organization and all it does to help substance abuse!!

Shatterproof is a national non-profit organization that works to end the devastation that addiction causes in families. The organization is dedicated to transforming addiction treatment in America and creating structural change that will turn the tide of the addiction crisis, helping Americans with substance use disorder discover treatment and lasting recovery. In the past, Shatterproof has contributed to policy change in 16 states, new federal legislation that increased funding and resources, and an evidence-based standard of care that 16 health insurers have agreed to uphold. The organization actively creates reports and action plans for how states can make changes to save lives. They have employed programs that educate families, workplaces, and the general public. Shatterproof continues to produce initiatives that drive payment reform, addition treatment improvement, and accountability.

Kindness Gems is honored to donate to this important cause, as it is one that has affected members of our own company in different ways. Substance abuse runs in my family and I am humbled and grateful to be contributing to the cause in a positive way!! Shatterproof has been an incredible organization to partner with as they provide so much education on addiction, prevention, treatment, and recovery! It’s amazing to see the work they have done up until this point & I’m excited to be a part of what they will accomplish next. The organization is making great strides in ending the stigma of addiction and working to raise awareness that addiction is a disease like any other. This concept was hard for me to accept when dealing with the devastation that comes on a personal level, yet we must come together to support addicts and find treatments as opposed to viewing addiction as a character flaw and taking it out on the person with the disease. Another thing I love about the organization is how easy they make it to get involved and take action ourselves! Visit their website to see all the events they are involved with, including a 5k Race in cities around the country and maybe even sign up for the one near you!

Kindness Gems is beyond excited to donate and partner up with Shatterproof, as we fully support all the work they do! The gemstone of the 4thQuarter will be Amethyst! 25% of all Amethyst purchases between the months of October to December with be donated straight to Shatterproof. Amethyst is a stone of sobriety, one that purifies and cleanses the soul. It aids in purification of all the chakras and helps provide balance and stability. Be sure to pick out your favorite Amethyst jewelry design to support Shatterproof! 


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