5 Fun & Easy Gateways from San Diego!

Happy Thursday to all my adventurous KG babes!! Here’s a solid list of cool places you can easily road trip to for a day/weekend gateway from San Diego!

  1. Joshua Tree

Joshua Tree is one of my favorite weekend gateways! If you are looking for the perfect destination to camp, star gaze, outdoor climb, and to simply soak up some beautiful sceneries then look no further! Joshua Tree, about a 3-hour drive from San Diego, offers thousands of square miles of raw desert landscape with stunning campgrounds and hiking trails. There is also a super cute town with cute little shops and killer restaurants that you won’t want to miss out on!

  1. Tijuana

You are just 32 kilometers away from a foreign country adventure! Take a trip right across the border to experience the vibrant energy and culture of Mexico! Tijuana is a historical center with attractions including the Catedral de Nuestra Senora de Guadalupe, the Plaza Santa Cecilia, and the Palacio de Fronton Jai Alai. Be sure to explore these locations and the Zona Rio district to experience the culture and cuisine of the country!

  1. Salvation Mountain

Salvation Mountain is a quick 2.5 hour drive right outside of San Diego! It’s a hillside visionary environment crafted from adobe, straw, and thousands of gallons of paint! Leonard Knight spent almost 30 years building this colorful mound in the Sonoran Desert as a way to share his devotion to peace, love and a higher power. It is such a cool sight to see and explore & the pictures are legendary!

  1. Catalina Island

Just 26 miles off the coast of California, Catalina Island is a destination that offers unmatched views, wildlife, and activities. Take an easy 30-minute drive up to Dana Point and hop on the Catalina Express catamaran service to get there. The island is filled with small hotels, amazing restaurants, hiking trails, beaches, and so much more! Spend some time fishing, snorkeling, walking the trials, or scuba diving!

  1. Julian

It’s fall season, time for apple cider and pumpkin pie!! Located in the beautiful Cuyamaca Mountains, Julian is a popular destination this time of year as it offers endless apple orchards and plenty of fresh baked pies. The historic Gold Rush town is 62 miles outside of San Diego. If you care to venture out there, you’ll find the most charming restored buildings lined with shops, restaurants, and bed-and-breakfasts!

Hope you get a chance to visit each of these unique destinations! They all make for such fun, easy trips right out of the city! The stone I want to recommend this week is rose quartz! It’s the stone of love and compassion. While we usually relate this to one’s love life, use rose quartz this week to put love into the world and all the places you go to and visit this weekend! Love and appreciate the world and the nature around you! Have a good weekend friends :)


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