2020 Fashion Trends: Be Ahead of the Game!

Hello KG babes! I hope you all have had a killer week! Let’s get straight to the point in this blog post… 2020 FASHION TRENDS. 2020 is here, we need to know what to shop for! So, let’s dive right in!

Crochet is in!! Crochet tops, bags, dresses! It is no longer just a vacation cover up look, you can add crochet to any outfit! We’ve even been seeing crochet sweaters! All colors are a go for this look.

In 2020, you will be seeing a lot of colorful leather looks. It seems that every designer is pumping out new leather designs. The buttery, softer leather is certainly about to make a statement this year. && colorful is the new black!! Greens, pinks, reds… you cannot go wrong with your color choice with leather this year.

Slide slits in skirts are sliding even higher this year! Be sure to find yourself the perfect mid-length skirt with a good slit that you can pair with either a nice blouse or a causal tee! We love when our pieces can be versatile & we love even more when they go along with the 2020 fashion trends!

Bralettes will be hotter than ever this year! You will for sure see them being worn as tops more and more often! I’d even suggest wearing a simple bralette underneath your new buttery leather suit for a sexy, mature look! 

Last but not least, fringe ladies!! Fringe is one of those styles that always comes back with a new edge. Fringe denim jackets, purses with fringe, and dresses with fringe at the bottom will be soon things you want to look out for as you are shopping for this year!

I hope all these tips help my KG ladies get ahead of the curve this year & bring the trends to their corners of the world! For gemstone recommendations, I say keep the colors neutral so you let the outfit do the talking with the colors. Moonstone & a light rose quartz would be the perfect touch to any of your colorful fits this year!

Have an amazing weekend my loves! 


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